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NOM Pushing Hate Group Propaganda To Sway Maryland Marriage Equality Vote

March 03, 2011 11:38 am ET by Equality Matters staff

As Washington Blade reports in a March 2 article, the National Organization (NOM) has been mailing a series of attack mailers to Maryland residents, asking them to urge their delegates to vote against a marriage equality bill currently awaiting approval from the House Judiciary Committee. Images via Washington Blade:

One mailer attempts to generate fears of the “indoctrination” of children, a myth that was thoroughly debunked by PolitiFact earlier this year. The mailer also features a number of myths about the impact of gay marriage that have been aggressively pushed by the SPLC designated anti-gay hate group, MassResistance. Maryland Republicans have been relying on the hate group’s falsehoods to argue against the bill:

[Washington Blade, accessed 3/2/11]

Another mailer explicitly targets State Senator James Brochin, who announced he would change his vote and support Maryland’s marriage equality bill after hearing the “appalling” testimony of anti-gay activists, including NOM’s own Maggie Gallagher:

[Washington Blade, accessed 3/2/11]

A third mailer makes the point that same-sex marriage, much like unemployment and higher taxes, makes baby dolls with unnaturally large teardrops (and eyelashes) cry:

[Washington Blade, accessed 3/2/11]

It's this kind of sleazy propaganda pushing that makes it all the more important that Marylanders call their delegates today and demand they stand in support of the marriage equality bill.


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