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State Of Equality Round-Up: March 14-18, 2011

March 15, 2011 5:36 pm ET by Equality Matters staff

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CA: Plaintiffs Make Final Push To  Lift Stay On Same-Sex Marriage

DE:  Supreme Court Identifies Lesbian Mom As Parent

KS: House Committee Votes To Keep Sodomy Law On Books


Friday: Plaintiffs Make Final Push To  Lift Stay On Same-Sex Marriage. The American Foundation for Equal Rights filed its final brief in an effort to lift a stay on same-sex marriages in California that was imposed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. AFER argued that the stay was "causing great damage" to Californians. 


Tuesday: Battle Over Civil Unions Intensifies. In response to efforts to legalize same-sex civil unions in Delaware, groups like the Delaware Family Policy Council have intensified efforts to pressure lawmakers into opposing pro-equality legislation. The DFPC is using already espousing the same myths that helped pass California's Proposition 8 in 2008.

Thursday: Supreme Court Identifies Lesbian Mom As Parent. This week, the Delaware Supreme Court issued a ruling that upheld the right of a woman who had been raising a child with her former same-sex partner to be identified as a "de facto" parent of the child.


Tuesday: Pro-Equality Activists Rally Against Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment.  A crowd of pro-equality activists rallied at the Indiana Statehouse this week to protest against House Joint Resolution 6, which is the first step in a process that might eventually amend the state constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. The measure, which passed easily passed the House earlier this year, is now scheduled to move to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where it is also expected to pass quickly.

Wednesday: Senate Holds Hearing On Same-Sex Marriage Ban. Indiana's Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing today to hear testimony on a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit gay and lesbian couples from getting married or entering domestic partnerships in the state.


Thursday: House Committee Votes To Keep Sodomy Law On Books. The Kansas House Judiciary Committee voted to keep the state's sodomy law on the books, despite the law being found unconstitutional by the 2003 Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas.


Tuesday: Senate Committee Holds Hearing On Bill To Repeal Anti-Discrimination Ordinance. The Montana Senate Local Government Committee held a hearing Monday to debate HB 516, a bill that would nullify an antidiscrimination ordinance adopted by the city of Missoula last year. From the March 14 Missoulian:

Stacy Rye, a Missoula City Council member who co-sponsored the ordinance, defended it and opposed the bill.

"Our law may not be what every town in Montana wants," she said. "Ultimately, this law is about what Missoula values."

Missoula has had no problems with the ordinance, Rye said.

"Missoula wants these civil rights, and I believe we are authorized to do so because we voted these self-government powers," she said.

The committee took no immediate action on the bill.

New Mexico

Thursday: State Legislature Sends Anti-Bullying Law To Governor's Desk. This week, the New Mexico state legislature voted to pass legislation that would create bullying prevention policies in state public schools. The bill includes language that addresses bulling based on sexual orientation. 

New York

Tuesday: Governor Cuomo Planning To End Funding For Youth Homeless Shelters. Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly planning to eliminate state funding for homeless youth shelters, seriously threatening the livelihoods of countless LGBT teens who have either been kicked out of their homes or been forced to run away to escape violence or mistreatment. 


Wednesday: Ogden City Council Approves Antidiscrimination Ordinance. Yesterday, the city council of Ogden, Utah voted 7-0 to adopt an ordinance that would prohibit employment and housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The ordinance was previously vetoed by the city mayor, Matthew Godfrey, after initially passing 4-3. The 7-0 vote is enough to overturn the mayor's veto. 

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