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Fox Nation, Anti-Gay Hate Group United In Opposition To Protecting LGBT Individuals Worldwide

March 24, 2011 2:09 pm ET by Equality Matters staff

Fox Nation and the Family Research Council (FRC) are apparently in agreement when it comes to opposing the Obama administration’s endorsement of a Joint Statement calling on the U.N. to protect LGBT victims of violence.

On Wednesday, Fox Nation posted a story about the Obama administration’s endorsement of the statement with the headline “In the Middle of a War, Obama Moves on Transgender Rights”:


[Fox Nation, accessed 3/24/11]

The not-so-subtle criticism – that Obama is focusing on LGBT issues instead of more important problems – actually echoes the argument made by the notorious anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council. 

On Tuesday, a day before the Fox Nation article was posted, FRC released a lengthy (and wildly misleading) critique of the Joint Statement, opening – unsurprisingly – with the same argument used by Fox:

While American forces bomb away at Libya, the Obama administration is launching another global offensive: Operation International Tolerance. As he looks on from South America, the President put troops on the ground today for a meeting of the U.N.'s Human Rights Council, where his diplomats plan to strong-arm other countries into embracing homosexuality. In a major U-turn from the Bush years, the Obama administration is actually initiating an "anti-discrimination" resolution to force acceptance of the world's gays and lesbians. [emphasis added] 

It’s disturbing to see that Fox Nation's reporting aligns with talking points found on the website of an established anti-gay hate group. 

To be clear, the Joint Statement that Fox Nation and FRC are criticizing attempts to protect LGBT people from being subject to “killing, rape, torture and criminal sanctions” based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. A pesky distraction indeed.

It’s becoming clear that when it comes to bashing LGBT people, Fox Nation and FRC see eye-to-eye.


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