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Pastor Partners With Anti-Gay Hate Group, Peddles Delusional Horror Stories To Defend DOMA

March 31, 2011 10:14 am ET by Carlos Maza & Equality Matters staff

Pastor Ken Hutcherson of the Antioch Bible Church recently posted a YouTube video in which he rambles off a number of downright absurd “consequences” of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), all the while directing his audience to visit the website of the anti-LGBT hate group, the Family Research Council.

Hutcherson begins his video by comparing DOMA to a cobra that has killed all of its previous owners (don’t ask) and then proceeds to list what would happen if DOMA was repealed or struck down:


HUTCHERSON: What repealing DOMA would do: President Obama says he will no longer defend it. Immediately redefines marriage as we know it. Enable gays to officially marry. It opens the doors to more definitions of marriage. It outlaws the church from speaking openly against gay marriage, thus, number one, removing religious liberties. That’s right. Never being able to say no to gay ceremonies, business deals, etc. Already happening in states that recognize same-sex marriages. Pastors can be jailed. As your pastor, as one that’s talking with you, I will be jailed because I'm going to stand on the biblical right of what God says a marriage is, between one man and one woman. You’re going to lose your parental rights in public schools. You’re not going to be able to opt out if DOMA is repealed. Complete breakdown of the family as we know it today.

Hutcherson’s rant is little more than a series of imaginary scenarios pulled almost directly from right-wing talking points on marriage equality.

Debunking each of Hutcherson’s claims seems unnecessary; It should be painfully obvious to anyone who’s ever glanced at the text of DOMA that not a single charge he makes is even remotely plausible. Section 3 of DOMA, which is the only part of the law Obama has said he won’t defend, deals exclusively with federal recognition of same-sex marriages that states have already decided to recognize.

Still it’s disturbing to see a religious group so closely linked with one of America’s most rabid anti-gay hate groups. At the end of his video, Hutcherson asks his viewers to “man up” and defend marriage, directing them to the website of the Family Research Council, a group that made a name for itself peddling lies and propaganda about LGBT people and their families.

As disheartening as it is to see this kind of extremism and shameless propaganda-pushing from church leaders, the truth is, every day, more and more people of faith are beginning to see through the lies and vitriol that fuel religious-based bigotry. By working with a known anti-gay hate group, Pastor Hutcherson has decided to use his position of authority to vilify LGBT Americans and sanctify the discrimination leveled against this disadvantaged minority. 


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