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NOM Defector Louis Marinelli: NOM Doesn’t Stand For The Will Of The People

April 11, 2011 3:57 pm ET by Equality Matters staff

Louis J. Marinelli, the former National Organization for Marriage (NOM) strategist who recently announced his support for marriage equality, took to his blog Monday to dispel the “illusion” that NOM represents the will of a broad and diverse grassroots movement of Americans seeking to defend “traditional marriage”:

Tax records show that the vast majority of the National Organization for Marriage’s financial support comes from a handful of donors. This information is public and the Human Rights Campaign exposed it quite a while ago.


NOM is a small group of devoutly religious Catholics supported by a couple of undisclosed sources. NOM is essentially made up of Brian Brown, [its] President, Maggie Gallagher, the CEO, a handful of other Board members (who are scattered across the country involved in other matters), a couple of advisors to Mr. Brown and a small and largely incompetent office staff.


That is all that is standing between you and the freedom to marry. There is no grassroots opposition. While they have proven to be quite successful over the past couple years, I think it’s time to put NOM’s size into perspective. Are you going to let a handful of fringe Catholics (with whom many Catholics disagree on marriage) stand between you and the freedom to marry?

Considering the number of times NOM’s Maggie Gallagher has criticized pro-equality legislators for voting against the “will of the people,” it’s interesting to find that the majority of NOM’s efforts are funded and supported by a relatively small group of religious backers.

As polls continue to show that a growing number of Americans and even people of faith support marriage equality, NOM will have to rely on even smaller numbers of donors to maintain their increasingly radicalized anti-equality agenda.


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