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NOM Defector Louis J. Marinelli: NOM Is Developing A "Secret Online Propaganda Team"

April 14, 2011 3:53 pm ET by Equality Matters staff

Louis Marinelli, the former National Organization for Marriage (NOM) strategist who is now a supporter of civil marriage equality, made an important statement yesterday about the organization’s “messaging tactics.” According to Marinelli, NOM has been working to develop a “secret online propaganda team,” which it eventually plans to use to spread misinformation about topics that NOM doesn’t want to “officially engage in”:

In exchange for their propaganda work, NOM is offering rewards.

As part of my job with NOM, I was instructed to create a point system to reward the propagandists. Everything they do will be tracked and NOM plans to reward them. In the future, when this team gets off the ground, NOM intends to use the technology behind Mr. Brown’s ActRight conservative activism website to facilitate tracking, create a competitive atmosphere between the propagandists and allow them to redeem the points they earn in a variety of ways, including lunch with Mr. Brown himself.


Currently, NOM’s remaining social media team, managed under Opus Fidelis, is working to develop the technology they need to deploy this secret online propaganda team. Central to the idea is to develop a plan that will “keep [the team] motivated in the long-term,” and the project’s head, David Lejeune, emphasized that the team would have “to be filtered so there is no risk of a leak.”

They want to have this team up and running in time for the 2012 presidential election season.

If Marinelli’s claims are accurate, they should come as no surprise to anybody who has been following NOM’s tactics for fighting marriage equality. NOM has already revealed its willingness to push hate-group propaganda to sway public opinion, and the organization has already been called out for using the “race card” to demonize supporters of LGBT equality.

One can only wonder how NOM would react if pro-equality groups adopted the same tactics they have.

With a majority of the American public now supporting civil marriage equality and DOMA on its last legs, NOM must be getting a little tired of playing fair.


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