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“Homosexual Conduct” Still Illegal In Fourteen States

April 19, 2011 10:20 am ET by Equality Matters staff

Laws criminalizing private same-sex activity between two consenting adults are still on the books in fourteen states, according to an April 19 article in Mother Jones:

Texas isn't the only state that's still legislating bedroom activity. Fourteen states currently have laws on the books outlawing anal sex between two consenting, unrelated adults—referred to variously as "deviate sexual conduct," "the infamous crime against nature," "sodomy," and "buggery." And it's taken a concerted effort to keep those laws on the books. Since Lawrence, efforts to formally repeal laws in Montana, Kansas, Utah, Louisiana, North Carolina, and, most notably, Texas have all faced resistance before fizzling out in their respective state legislatures. Conservatives in those states know they can't enforce the laws, but by keeping them in the code, they can send a message that homosexuality is officially condemned by the government. 

These laws were, of course, struck down by the Supreme Court in its 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision.  Still, at both the state and federal levels, a number of socially conservative Republicans have continued to argue in favor of the criminalization of same-sex sexual activity, highlighting just how radically anti-gay some sects of the GOP still are.


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