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NOM: Gay Marriage Is A Waste Of Time (Unless You’re Trying To Stop It)

May 13, 2011 3:22 pm ET by Carlos Maza

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) doesn’t want politicians to waste time voting on same-sex marriage when they could be focusing on jobs and the economy.

Unless, of course, they’re voting to stop same-sex marriage, in which case… full speed ahead.

NOM President Brian Brown wrote a blog post Thursday criticizing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for pushing the state’s marriage equality bill:

This is sad for New Yorkers, because they need a governor who's totally focused on taming the budget and reviving the economy, not winning media accolades while alienating voters with his priorities. (I'm guessing the media is not going to release a poll, as they frequently did when the federal marriage amendment was the issue, asking voters what their top three priorities are and see how many New Yorkers say "gay marriage.")

That was Sen. Díaz's point in his sharp public criticism of Gov. Cuomo's priorities. Díaz is a liberal Democrat from the Bronx, and his constituents have other priorities: "It is a shame that Governor Andrew Cuomo is using his efforts and the resources of the governor's office to push for homosexual marriage instead of saving New York's rent control and rent stabilization laws," Sen. Díaz said. "Governor Cuomo, please help New York's poor and needy people... instead of pushing for gay marriage!" Republican senators' constituents probably have different priorities that Sen. Díaz's, but in neither case is gay marriage high among them. [emphasis added]

NOM’s talking point is disingenuous at best and absurdly hypocritical at worst. 

Where was NOM’s economic focus when Speaker Boehner announced the House would be wasting time and $500,000 in taxpayer money to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in federal court?

Where were NOM’s priorities when it decided to endorse constitutional amendments prohibiting same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania and North Carolina?

Where was the concern for constituent priorities when NOM started pushing for a similar ban in Minnesota, where a majority of voters oppose amending the state constitution?

It’s quickly becoming impossible to take NOM seriously. The organization decries gay groups for donating money to pro-LGBT candidates while spending millions upon millions of dollars targeting Republicans who consider voting for marriage equality. It accuses the Obama administration of politicizing the Justice Department while launching a campaign to oust Iowa’s Supreme Court justices.

Opposing equal rights for gay and lesbian couples is one thing, but hiding behind a fake concern for “poor and needy people” is just pathetic. 


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