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Equality Matters Picks Of The Week, May 16-20, 2011

May 20, 2011 6:10 pm ET by Equality Matters staff

Equality Matters staff offers our picks for the most interesting, outrageous, or thought provoking stories of the week:

  • Anti-Gay Groups Push For Vote On MN Marriage Amendment: The Minnesota House will vote on a bill that would allow voters to approve a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Anti-gay groups are eager to use the public vote as an excuse to spread misinformation and propaganda.
  • NOM Comes Clean: We Don’t Want Kids Learning About Gay People: The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) isn’t doing a good job covering up its anti-gay ideology. Over the past few weeks, the group has made it crystal clear that it wants to keep discussion of LGBT issues out of public schools entirely.
  • LGBT Campaign Launched To Get Orbitz To Drop Fox: LGBT organizations Courage Campaign, GLAAD, and Equality Matters have teamed up with DropFox to ask Orbitz to cease sponsoring Fox News due to Fox's long history of anti-LGBT bigotry. NOM is already accusing the groups of “bullying” Orbitz, which should come as no surprise.
  • Bryan Fischer Is Still Totally Ridiculous: The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer was on an anti-gay roll this week. On Tuesday, Fischer repeatedly compared gay activists to Nazis, saying “they'll do the same thing to you that the Nazis did to their opponents in Nazi Germany.” On Friday, Fischer announced that it was his mission to prove that gay activists are the “number one perpetrators of hate crimes in America.”
  • More Polls Confirm Majority Support For Marriage Equality: Two new polls, released by Gallup and the Public Religion Research Institute, have found that a majority of respondents now support having same-sex marriages recognized as legally valid.
  • AMERICAblog Launches Campaign To Stop Anti-Gay TN Bill: In response to the passage of a Tennessee bill that would nullify all current and future city and county civil rights protections, AMERICAblog has launched a campaign to pressure board members of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce (including Nissan, FedEx, and Comcast) to withdraw their support for the bill and demand that Governor Bill Haslam veto it when it reaches his desk.
  • Boehner’s DOMA Spending Problem: It is unclear exactly where the House of Representatives are getting the $500,000 needed to pay for its defense of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Several lawmakers suspect that the House’s contract could be in violation of the Antideficiency Act, which prohibits “involving the government in any obligation to pay money before funds have been appropriated for that purpose.”
  • Newt Gingrich Gets Glitter-Bombed At Anti-Gay Event: 2012 GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was glitter-bombed during a book signing just before an event held by the anti-gay Minnesota Family Council. The prank was meant to draw attention to Newt’s history of anti-gay rhetoric. 

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