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Second Fox Guest Bashes CA Diversity Program For Creating “Gender Confusion”

May 27, 2011 11:57 am ET by Carlos Maza

In its second segment on the subject in several hours on Thursday, Fox News once again spotlighted a California school that recently introduced students to a lesson on gender diversity in an effort to reduce bullying and create a welcoming environment for all children.

Fox invited Shannon Minter, Legal Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), to debate the lesson, which teaches students that there are different ways to be boys and girls:

Dacus’ criticism of the diversity program followed the talking point Tony Perkins had previously recited on Fox almost to a tee. Dacus denies that he’s in favor of anti-LGBT bullying and then accuses teachers of attempting to “indoctrinate” students:

DACUS: Mind you, they’re very concerned about this. This isn’t just about bullying and treating children to respect other kids. That’s fine. This is a very extreme, very controversial program when you’re teaching children in kindergarten, first grade, that you can be a boy, a girl, or both. Or that you may be a boy on the outside but be a girl on the inside. This brings gender confusion and this is a serious price for children to pay, much less have the rights of parents stepped on.


DACUS: This is about indoctrination, not about tolerance and accommodation.

It’s still unclear what exactly Dacus believes students will be “indoctrinated” into believing.

Is he really worried that an hour-long lesson about gender diversity will convince students to become transgender or gay? What exactly is the “price” that children will pay because of “gender confusion?”

The claim that even learning about LGBT people is enough turn kids gay has been used by social conservatives for years to fight anti-bullying and pro-LGBT tolerance measures in public schools, and it’s on display again in California. 

In reality though, this aversion to having students even be exposed to the idea of the LGBT community likely has little do with fears of “gender confusion.”

Anti-gay advocates surely know that the more students come to learn about and feel comfortable around members of the LGBT community, the less likely they’ll be to support anti-LGBT groups and politicians.

For them, keeping kids and young adults shut off from learning about LGBT people is a tool of political survival. They’re already losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the American public. Condemning LGBT-friendly education programs as “indoctrination” is just part of their effort to turn the tide.

One only needs to glance at PJI’s website to see evidence of this approach:

Dacus on a curriculum teaching students to not use “gay” and “lesbian” as insults:

It is both risky and wrong to ignore the real causes of school bullying in favor of a politically correct propaganda program. If anyone needs a lesson against name-calling, it is those who are labeling our kindergartners as homophobic

Dacus on the anti-bullying “Name Calling Week” in California:

We can all agree that bullying is wrong for any reason. It's unfortunate that groups like GLSEN can't resist turning an otherwise worthy goal into a platform for promoting homosexuality to students as young as first grade. We urge parents to proactively ask teachers and school administrators what they will be teaching this week, oppose efforts to foist sexuality on our youth, and assure their children that respect for others and traditional morality go hand-in-hand.

Dacus on SB 48, a California bill that would teach LGBT history in classes:

Increasingly, we are seeing bills like SB 48 disguised as anti-bullying measures, when in reality they do not even mention bullying. Instead, SB 48 mandates that history be sexualized for elementary-age children, to please a special interest group.

Creating open and tolerant school environments is essential to the physical and mental health of LGBT youth.  Dacus’ outrage is little more than an attempt to score cheap political points at their expense.


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