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Equality Matters Picks Of The Week, May 23-27, 2011

May 27, 2011 7:10 pm ET by Equality Matters staff

Equality Matters staff offers our picks for the most interesting, outrageous, or thought provoking stories of the week:

  • Marriage Equality Gets Major Endorsements In New York: Supporters of New York’s pending marriage equality bill got a boost this week after Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered passionate speeches in support of allowing loving, committed gay and lesbian New Yorkers to get married.
  • Uncovering Homophobia At The United Nations: Kerry Eleveld released a shocking report documenting one woman’s rise from abstinence-only activist to fundamentalist homophobe propagating the anti-LGBT movement both in Africa and at the U.N.
  • Fox Runs Three Segments Bashing Gender Diversity Program: Fox News spent three segments covering a gender diversity lesson taught at a California public school. The lesson was meant to reduce anti-LGBT bullying, but Fox’s anti-gay guests were quick to accuse teachers of trying to indoctrinate kids into becoming gay.
  • New York Special Election Good News For LGBT Community: Democrat Kathy Hochul pulled an upset victory against Republican Jane Corwin in a special election for New York’s 26th District. Hochul is a supporter of marriage equality as well as a proponent of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
  • House Adopts Defense Authorization Bill With Anti-Gay Amendments: The House voted 322-96 Thursday to pass the 2012 defense authorization bill, including several anti-gay amendments meant to derail the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The amendments are unlikely to succeed in the Senate version of the bill.
  • Equality Maryland On Brink Of Major Financial Crisis: Equality Maryland, one of the state’s leading pro-LGBT groups, could face a shutdown in the near future due to financial problems. The group’s interim executive director, Lynne Bowman, has left the state for Ohio and is unsure when she will return. 
  • Focus On The Family President Admits Defeat: During an interview with World Magazine, Focus on the Family president Jim Daly confessed that anti-gay conservatives have “probably lost” the fight to prevent marriage equality in America.
  • NOM Outraged Over ABC Segment On Anti-Gay Discrimination: The National Organization for Marriage is furious with ABC’s What Would You Do? television show, which recently included a segment in which two same-sex parents were harassed at a restaurant for raising kids. The group’s anger probably has something to do with the fact that the harasser was using NOM’s anti-gay talking points. 

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