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Pat Robertson’s “Sodom” Comments Are In Line With Those Of NOM, FRC

June 30, 2011 12:21 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson raised some eyebrows this week when – during an episode of his CBN show The 700 Club – he claimed that New York’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage would cause God to destroy America, much in the same way that in the Old Testament, God destroyed the city of Sodom for accepting homosexuality:

ROBERTSON: I think we need to remember the term “sodomy” came from a town called Sodom, and it was destroyed… We’re heading that was as a nation. In history, there has never been a civilization, ever in history, that has embraced homosexuality and turned away from traditional fidelity, traditional marriage, traditional child rearing and has survived. There isn’t one single civilization that has survived that openly embraced homosexuality. You say “what is going to happen to America?” If history is any guide, the same thing is going to happen to us. [emphasis added]

Pretty crazy, right?

There’s no question that Pat Robertson shouldn’t be taken seriously, and – for the most part – he isn’t. Whether he’s accusing state governments of pandering to “sodomites” or claiming that abortions are meant to put married women “on a level playing field” with lesbians, Robertson is treated like more of a joke than a credible source of conservative commentary.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in on the joke. Robertson’s statements are not all that different from statements made by some of America’s most mainstream (and most media-friendly) anti-gay groups.

Take, for example, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who recently claimed that same-sex marriage would be the “death nail” (which is apparently now a phrase) of America:

The American people are there. They know intuitively what marriage is. History shows it, the Bible shows it, [and] society has reflected it. The further we move away from that model of marriage, the more problems we'll face in society. This could very well be the death nail of marriage... of civilized society, and of this country. [emphasis added]

Or listen to Maggie Gallagher, Chairwoman of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), who reacted to the decision in New York by referencing the Book of Genesis (where the story of Sodom comes from):

GALLAGHER: This is a quite powerful movement that is quite serious about shutting down the debate and redefining the Book of Genesis as bigotry. Will they succeed? Maybe in the short or medium term. But in the end, a civilization built against nature falls. Every time.


The “traditional” understanding of marriage is not optional for a civilization. Either you channel eros into a social institution that is pro-creation — or it becomes anti-creation, anti-civilization, anti-life. [emphasis added]

In fact, NOM’s President Brian Brown shied away from disagreeing with Robertson’s statements while on the June 28 edition of MSNBC’s The Ed Show (with Thomas Roberts filling in):

ROBERTS: Mr. Brown, do you agree with what we're hearing from Pat Robertson, how he is saying that this will be the ruin of society? 

BROWN: Well I think when you redefine marriage, you redefine it for everyone, and there are profound consequences. We’ve seen those consequences in Massachusetts and other states… This is a monumental change. It will have serious consequences.

What’s truly outrageous is that people like Perkins, Gallagher, and Brown are consistently invited on national television to provide commentary about issues concerning LGBT equality.

The litmus test for news and media outlets should be pretty clear: if your guest has claimed or is open to the claim that allowing loving, committed gay and lesbian couples to marry will destroy civilization, he or she should not be on the air.

It really is that simple.

On an unrelated note, NOM’s Facebook page implied that New York had betrayed Jesus Christ by approving same-sex marriage (seriously, how do these people get on television?).

[image via The American Independent, 6/27/11]


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