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Fox Nation: Marcus Bachmann Is "Victim Of Undercover Sting Op"

July 12, 2011 4:19 pm ET by Carlos Maza

An undercover investigation by the group Truth Wins Out recently discovered that one of the Christian counseling centers run by Marcus Bachmann -- GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's husband -- practices "ex-gay therapy." The investigation has sparked widespread media attention, especially considering Michele Bachmann's personal history of opposing LGBT equality and Marcus's anti-gay "barbarians" comments.

When ABC broke the story of Bachmann's clinic, the network understandably focused on the fact that "ex-gay therapy" is ineffective, can cause severe harm to those who receive it, and is widely discredited by all mainstream medical associations. The ABC headline read "Michele Bachmann Clinic: Where You Can Pray Away the Gay?":

[ABC News, accessed 7/12/11]

When Fox Nation picked up ABC's article, the focus was a little different:

[Fox Nation, accessed 7/12/11]

According to Fox Nation, Marcus Bachmann is the "victim" in this situation, despite the fact that he is the one taking thousands of dollars in government funding for a clinic that conducts a clearly unethical form of "therapy."

Painting Bachmann as the victim plays into the tired right-wing talking point that pro-equality groups are somehow attacking those who disagree with them.

Not surprisingly, Fox Nation didn't seem to have a problem with so-called undercover sting operations when they were being used to target ACORN or even the U.S. Census Bureau.

Considering the network's routine allegiance to anti-gay conservatives, it's not surprising Fox sees the Bachmann investigation as an act of aggression.


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