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WorldNetDaily Video Cites Book Co-Written By Hate-Group Leader To Push Bogus Gay-Nazi Link

July 19, 2011 7:54 pm ET by Terry Krepel

WorldNetDaily videomaker Molotov Mitchell has a notable record of homophobia, from Matthew Shepard revisionism to claiming that Uganda would be "right" to make homosexuality a capital offense. Mitchell's fellow WND video star, D.J. Dolce, appears to be even more homophobic than he is.

In a July 19 WND video, Dolce begins by ranting, "Who's crazy this week? Gays are crazy." After referencing the California law adding the LGBT community to the list of those whose contributions must be taught in public schools (which Dolce's fellow WND denizens also don't approve of) and criticism of Michele Bachmann's husband for his controversial gay conversion therapy, Dolce then says of gays: "First you let them do their own thing in a corner -- 'Ah, they'll be OK.' Next thing you know, they're marching in the streets. You keep looking the other way, and then one day, boom, they throw you in an oven." Reacting to canned audience noise, Dolce adds: "You can 'ooh' all you want, but you've obviously not read The Pink Swastika."

The Pink Swastika posits that -- in the words of WND, which sells the book in in its online store -- "the Nazi Party is best understood as a neo-pagan, homosexual cult." It's co-written by Scott Lively, who runs the group Abiding Truth Ministries, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as a hate group. Lively is also reportedly one of the inspirations for Uganda's draconian anti-gay legislation.

Psychology professor and blogger Warren Throckmorton has pointed out the numerous problems with the book, not the least of which is its presumption of a causal link between homosexuality and fascism. Throckmorton has also noted the criticism of Grove City College history professor Jon David Wyneken, who has extensively studied Nazi history, who called the book "simply not good history and is, in fact, not really history at all. Instead, in my view, it is a book that uses history as a weapon in a contemporary political battle, completely outside the historical context of Nazi Germany." Wyneken added that Lively "does no original research in primary archival documents; meaning, he has not examined the thousands of documents available on these subjects for himself."

(WND editor Joseph Farah, meanwhile, insists that there's nothing at all wrong with The Pink Swastika, claiming that "I have failed to find one jot or tittle that has been undermined by critics" and that he has "been the victim of a malicious smear campaign in the homosexual blogosphere just for including the title in the WND Superstore.")

Given WND's long history of gay-bashing, Dolce's promotion of a discredited anti-gay book written by the head of a hate group isn't the least bit surprising.

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