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MRC Attacks CNN For Supporting “Homosexual Causes”

July 28, 2011 2:35 pm ET by Carlos Maza

The Media Research Center (MRC) published a report Wednesday documenting CNN’s alleged “clear advocacy for homosexual causes.” The report criticizes the network for failing to “represent both sides” when covering the debate over same-sex marriage.

Examples of this pro-gay coverage, according to MRC, include a segment on a legally married lesbian bi-national couple facing separation under the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and a “fawning profile” of a gay couple of 61 years hoping to get married in New York.

MRC also claimed that evidence of CNN’s pro-gay bias could be found in the network’s “on-set happy talk”:

New York's legalization of same-sex marriage occasioned plenty of on-set happy talk. On June 24, CNN anchor Kyra Philips congratulated openly gay correspondent LZ Granderson on his engagement. The next day, Don Lemon congratulated a gay couple on the success of the gay marriage bill in New York: "I'm happy that you've been together for so long. Anyone, gay or straight, has been together as long as you guys, I say bravo."

At MRC, congratulating gay guests for having successful relationships apparently constitutes a promotion of the “gay agenda.”

MRC isn’t just concerned with CNN’s coverage of the same-sex marriage debate, either. According to the report, examples of CNN hosts supporting “homosexual causes” include:

- Reporting on Atlanta being named the “Nation’s Gayest City”

- Calling New York’s gay pride parade “the most fun event of this season”

- Challenging the effectiveness of “ex-gay” therapy

- Reporting on a Southwest Airlines pilot’s homophobic rant

- Airing a segment about gay teachers without including “counterbalancing voices”

Ironically, the report actually does a lot more to expose MRC’s anti-gay agenda than it does to reveal bias on CNN’s part. 

Kudos to CNN for refusing to treat the lives and relationships of gays and lesbians as just another political controversy between two equally valid perspectives. CNN -- along with a majority of Americans -- realizes that the LGBT community deserves to be treated with the same dignity and respect afforded to everyone else. Anti-gay advocates like David Tyree -- who asserted that marriage equality will lead to “anarchy” -- deserve to be grilled by news networks for their irrational beliefs.

If MRC is looking for a news network that gives air-time to members of anti-gay hate groups, fear mongers about the “gay agenda,” and ignores major LGBT news developments, maybe it should check out Fox News.


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