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Even On Fox, NOM’s Brian Brown Can’t Catch A Break

August 19, 2011 1:57 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Just hours after claiming that marriage equality will normalize pedophilia,” National Organization for Marriage (NOM) president Brian Brown appeared on the Fox Business Network to regurgitate his more media-friendly anti-equality talking points. Unfortunately for him, not even Fox seemed interested in buying what Brown was selling. From the August 18 edition of Fox Business Network’s Stossel:

Brown wasted no time in spreading misinformation about the “serious consequences” caused by marriage equality, including the myth that kids will be forced to learn about same-sex marriage in school.

In a striking deviation from Fox’s typical anti-LGBT narrative, Fox host John Stossel actually challenged Brown, asking him how teaching kids that marriage equality is “just fine” would hurt marriage.

From there, things only got worse for Brown. During the interview, Stossel announced that he was just “not convinced [same-sex marriage] is a threat to marriage.” He asked “so what?” when Brown began fear mongering about the “total deconstruction of marriage.”

When Brown asserted that the government should support heterosexual marriage because it is “true and good and beautiful,” the audience actually broke out into laughter. “I don’t want the state deciding what’s good and beautiful,” Stossel responded.

This is at least the third major cable news appearance in the past couple of months during which NOM’s president has had a less-than-stellar performance. During two recent interviews on MSNBC, Brown found himself facing hosts and guests who came prepared to challenge his anti-equality talking points and refused to let him get away with baseless assertions.

If this trend continues, NOM might want to consider avoiding appearances on major cable news networks (or at least find a new spokesperson).


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