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For Fox Nation, U.K. Drag Queen Contest Is An International News Story

August 22, 2011 5:36 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Fox Nation has a habit of freaking out when it comes to dealing with gender non-conformity.

This morning, the website posted a story of a 12-year-old in the United Kingdom who participated in (and won) his town’s annual drag queen contest. The boy says he had a great time participating in the event, and both of his parents fully support their son. It’s not clear whether the story involves gender non-conformity, but to the extent that it is, it’s good that the parents are supportive, since several studies have shown the devastating impact that unsupportive parents can have on gender non-conforming children.

So, the boy is fine with it, the parents are fine with it, and the town seems to be fine with it. Not much of an international news story here, right?

Wrong -- at least according to Fox Nation, which posted the story with this headline: “Parents Proud Their Boy's a Drag Queen”

[Fox Nation, accessed 8/22/11]

The headline appears to be intended to spark outrage from an anti-LGBT audience that would likely see such a story as further evidence that children are being indoctrinated into deviant lifestyles (a narrative Fox has been all too eager to promote in the past).

This is just the latest in a serious of ridiculous Fox Nation headlines dealing with gender identity and expression.

In March, a story about a German transgender politician got the Fox Nation treatment:

[Fox Nation, accessed 3/21/11]

And a June article about a California gender identity non-discrimination bill was accompanied with this doozy of a picture:

[Fox Nation, accessed 6/2/11]

At Fox, gender non-conformity is always a controversy, even if the only people who find it controversial are the ones who work at Fox. 


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