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NOM Condemns Gay Bullies By Promoting A Laundry List Of Anti-Gay Smears

August 29, 2011 4:01 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Anti-LGBT groups have – for obvious reasons – long promoted the ridiculous claim that they’re being ‘bullied’ by proponents of LGBT equality. Re-appropriating the ‘bullying’ label helps muddy the debate while distracting focus from the millions of LGBT people who are actually routinely victimized as a result of these groups’ anti-equality campaigns.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is no exception. In an August 29 blog entry, NOM promoted the argument that proponents of LGBT equality are the "real gay bigots and bullies.”

NOM’s post included an excerpt from a column written by conservative commentator Frank Turek in which he criticized “homosexual activists” for “smear[ing]” conservatives who simply support the traditional definition of marriage.

There’s just one small problem with NOM’s post: Turek’s column goes on to engage in the exact same kind of name-calling and bullying that Turek and NOM claim to abhor.

Here are some highlights from Turek’s column (which NOM conveniently failed to include in its blog post).

Homosexuality “leads to disease and an early death”:

Celebrating behavior that leads to disease and an early death is closer to hate than love. According to the latest data from the Center for Disease Control, homosexual men comprise more than 80 percent of sexually transmitted HIV cases despite comprising less than 2 percent of the population. The FDA says that men who have sex with men have an HIV infection rate 60 times higher than the general population. Why should we be encouraging behavior that results in such tragic outcomes? If I have good reason to think you are on the road to destruction—if a truck is about to run over you—the only way to love you is to urge you to get out of the street. If I tell you to keep walking down that road—that I celebrate the road you’re on—how could I hate you more? [emphasis added]

Being gay isn’t genetic, it’s a destructive behavioral choice:

But isn’t homosexuality like race? No. Race has nothing to do with behavior, but homosexuality is a behavior! Skin color affects no one, but destructive behavior affects many. Moreover, sexual behavior is always a choice, race never is. You’ll find many former homosexuals, but you’ll never find a former African-American.


[A] genetic component to homosexual desires has not been discovered. Twin studies show that identical twins do not consistently have the same sexual orientation. In fact, genetics probably explains very little about homosexual desires. How would a homosexual “gene” be passed on? Homosexuals don’t pass on anything because homosexual unions don’t reproduce.

Accepting homosexuality is the same as accepting rape, incest, and pedophilia:

[W]hile desires are not a choice, sexual behavior always is. So regardless of the source of sexual desires, people are certainly capable of controlling their sexual behavior. If you claim that they are not—that sexual behavior is somehow uncontrollable—then you have made the absurd contention that no one can be morally responsible for any sexual crime, including rape, incest, and pedophilia. [emphasis added]

Ignoring your anatomy (assumedly through gay sex) “is often fatal”:

[T]he “born-that-way” claim is an argument from design— “since God designed me with these desires, I ought to act on them.” But the people who say this overlook something far more obvious and important— they were also born with a specific anatomy. We can’t know if our desires are inborn since we can’t remember anything from birth, but we are 100 percent certain that we were born with our anatomy. So why do homosexual activists choose to follow their desires rather than their anatomy? Ignoring your desires may be uncomfortable, but ignoring the natural design of your body is often fatal. [emphasis added]

This isn’t the first time NOM has advanced these kinds of claims either. Earlier this month, NOM promoted the idea that homosexuality could “end your life prematurely” and called the “LGBT lifestyle” diseased, drug-ridden, and deviant. NOM’s president, Brian Brown, recently made the argument that same-sex marriage would result in the normalization of pedophilia. Last month, NOM openly promoted “ex-gay” therapy talking points, pushing the idea that gay people could “leave homosexuality” if they chose to do so.

So to recap:

“Homosexual activists” want equal protection under the law and actively call out those who oppose LGBT equality on the basis of bigotry and animus.

Groups like NOM tell LGBT people that their lives are diseased and destructive choices than are akin to pedophilia and incest.

Who’s bullying who?


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