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NOM’s Ruth Institute: “Evil” ACLU Is Trying To Expose Kids To Gay Porn

August 31, 2011 12:15 pm ET by Carlos Maza

The National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Ruth Institute – which claims to be committed to “making marriage cool” for young people – is continuing its campaign of demonizing any effort to support at-risk LGBT youth. Earlier this month, Ruth targeted the “It Gets Better” Project, claiming it promotes “deviant sex” and an unhealthy lifestyle. Now, it’s the “evil” American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

On August 30, Ruth contributor “Betsy” published a blog entry criticizing the ACLU’s “Don’t Filter Me” campaign: an initiative to prevent public high schools from blocking access to LGBT-supportive websites on school computers:

I’m sorry, but wow. The ACLU is just evil. Filters violate kids’ rights? Kids are kids. They don’t have rights! They can’t make informed decisions on their own. They need to be protected. Let’s let 2nd graders have access to porn–it’s their right to! Riiiiiiight.

The blog post consisted primarily of an excerpt from a OneNewsNow article which, even without the Ruth Institute’s help, is a fountain of misinformation:

"School districts shouldn't be bullied into exposing students to sexually explicit materials," argues [Alliance Defense Fund] ADF attorney David Cortman, adding that the ACLU's "Don't Filter Me Initiative" would be better named the "Public School Porn Initiative."
"That's because the ACLU is pushing its radical sexual agenda for children by intimidating school districts with a long string of scare tactics," he continues. "These are just disguised as a concern over censorship, but in truth these school districts have no obligation to cave to the ACLU's unwarranted demands." [emphasis added]

The ACLU’s campaign, of course, has nothing to do with providing kids with access to gay porn. Many public school filters currently block non-pornographic websites – like and – that provide at-risk LGBT youth with useful information and access to vital support networks.  As ACLU staff attorney Joshua Block recently argued

“Anyone can understand the difference between pornography and websites like the It Gets Better Project or PFLAG, which provide critical information and support for LGBT students,” Block said in a statement.

“The websites identified by ADF should have been placed in Blue Coat’s categories for adult or mature content, which are designed to block all sexual content regardless of whether it is straight or LGBT,” he said.

Ruth’s blog post – which unsurprisingly does not include a single reference to “marriage” – is just the latest in NOM’s long war against any effort to support LGBT youth in schools.


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