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NOM Promotes Column Claiming That Normalizing Homosexuality Is “Sexual Anarchy”

September 06, 2011 6:12 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Last Friday, the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Ruth Institute posted a “really disturbing” column titled “Sexual anarchy: The Kinsey legacy.” 

Written by Judith A. Reisman and Mary McAlister, the column is a scathing attack on famed sex researcher Dr. Alfred Kinsey, accusing him of promoting pedophilia and other forms of sexual deviancy including (shocker!) homosexuality:

Our children are under attack by an insidious and virulent enemy.


So-called “experts” in the field of human sexuality claim that children are sexual not only from birth, but even in the womb and are willing participants in sexual acts with adults.


How did we get here? How do we stop the madness before we lose an entire generation?

The question of how we got here can be answered by two words: Alfred Kinsey. Even 55 years after his death, Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey continues to profoundly affect American culture.

The column is full of outrageous claims and exaggerated descriptions and, most important, has few evidentiary citations for its most inflammatory assertions. According to Reisman and McAlister, Kinsey’s “disciples” are attempting to “jettison the Judeo Christian worldview” in order to usher in “sexual anarchy.”

The column ends, fittingly enough, by casting Reisman’s mission as “battle” in which her side has divine backing:

[God] can use us to stand up against the current state of sexual anarchy, return this nation to our Judeo-Christian roots and rescue our children from the enemy who seeks to steal, kill and dstroy [sic]. Kinsey and his disciples at the Kinsey Institute have had more than 60 years to re-shape American culture. With Dr. Reisman’s decades of research we have the weapons to gain the upper hand, and we must band together to create the Judeo-Christian answer to the Kinsey Institute. We have the backing of the God of the universe. We can and must win this battle. [emphasis added]

So who exactly is Judith Reisman? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Reisman is a right-wing zealot who’s made a career of casting herself as the anti-Kinsey
  • The Kinsey Institute has, on multiple occasions, specifically debunked Reisman’s ridiculous claims since they first began surfacing in 1981
  • In 1984, she was given a grant to conduct a study on the content of Playboy magazines. Her findings were eventually discarded as “vigilantism: paranoid, pseudoscientific hyperbole with a thinly veiled, hidden agenda”
  • Reisman is the author of “Where Are The Arrest Of Thousands Of Men Who Give AIDS To Boys?” -- an essay in which she plainly accuses gay men of attempting to recruit, molest, and rape young boys, typically resulting in the spread of HIV

In other words, Reisman is an extreme anti-gay conspiracy theorist intent on spreading horror stories about the evils of the sexual revolution.

Is it any surprise, then, that Reisman’s anti-gay animus made an appearance in the column NOM promoted? Some examples of the “sexual anarchy” promoted by Kinsey include the decriminalization of sodomy and the decision to stop treating gay people as security risks:

In 1957, the United States Department of Defense used Kinsey and his team to conclude that homosexuals do not pose a security risk.


The year 1969 brought about significant events related to the systematic effort to normalize homosexuality as championed by Kinsey 21 years earlier. The Gay Liberation Front was formed at the New York Alternative University. The American Sociological Association officially stated that homosexuality is normal, citing Kinsey’s “research.” The National Institutes of Mental Health Task Force on Homosexuality recommended legalizing private consensual homosexual acts (sodomy) citing to Kinsey’s “data.”[7] In 1972, the NIMH Task Force, led by Kinseyan disciples, urged that homosexuality be taught as a normal sexual variation in the nation’s schools. [emphasis added]

This is the kind of propaganda that NOM’s Ruth Institute decided to post on its website.

Conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, hate speech -- as long as it’s anti-gay, it’s welcome at the National Organization for Marriage.


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