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Is Keith Ablow’s Transphobia Finally Too Much For Fox News?

September 07, 2011 2:40 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow might be a part of Fox’s “Medical A-Team,” but his transphobia concerning Chaz Bono’s participation in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is receiving a less-than-warm welcome.

Dr. Ablow is Fox’s resident anti-LGBT pseudoscientist. Time after time, Fox has provided him with a platform to promote his wholly unscientific views on sexual orientation and gender identity, always at the expense of the LGBT community.

When it comes to attacking Chaz Bono, however, it appears that not even Fox is buying what Ablow is selling.

During the September 6 edition of Fox Business Network’s America’s Nightly Scoreboard, Ablow asserted that putting a transgender person on television would convince children going through “phases” to want to undergo “surgical remed[ies]” as well:

ASMAN: So doctor, why will watching hurt kids?

ABLOW: Here's why: Because this tour, this 'fame tour' of Chaz Bono, promoting transgenderism as though it's a civil right. There are a lot of kids who will be watching. Look. Kids go through phases. Adolescents. There may be tomboys watching who are girls. They don't really need to be encouraged to say 'hey wait, wait a second. Maybe I'm not just a tomboy. Maybe I'm a boy!' Chaz, look at them applauding him with a standing ovation. Now look, this is a guy who has had a terrible run of things. An incredibly tortuous path and it's not over. So I don't like the idea that you'd suggest to adolescents and young people a surgical remedy at the plastic surgeon's office for a psychiatric condition!

Interestingly, neither Alan Colmes nor conservative Fox Contributor Monica Crowley “bought” Ablow’s arguments.

Both pointed out that even young children are unlikely to decide to undergo gender transition after watching a few episodes of a dancing competition, a position that was recently affirmed by the president of the American Psychiatric Association.

They aren’t alone either. Fox Business Network’s Chris Cotter recently dismissed the DWTS controversy, saying “if he can dance, he can dance. Leave it at that.”

Fox anchor Megyn Kelly went even further, condemning the “hate” directed at Bono and launching an impassioned defense of transgender Americans:

KELLY: The transgendered, they go through so much pain and emotional turmoil in dealing with the effects of that disorder or whatever you want to call it and I don’t think they need people piling on and mocking them once they do something that many people consider very brave. But that’s me, that’s my two cents.

Considering Fox’s long history of transphobia, it’s encouraging to see at least a few members of the Fox News team resisting the urge to treat a dancing competition like an assault on America’s innocent youth.

Still, one has to wonder why Fox continues to provide Ablow with a national platform to spew his anti-LGBT misinformation. Ablow consistently bucks mainstream psychological opinion in order to promote his bigoted worldview, typically without citing any medical evidence or research in the process.

As long as Fox News continues to sell Ablow as some kind of medical expert on LGBT issues, Crowley and Colmes should expect to do a lot more ‘selling’ of their own.


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