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NOM Promotes Calling “Sodomy” The “Cancer Version” Of Heterosexuality

September 12, 2011 1:30 pm ET by Carlos Maza

On September 10, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) posted a blog entry promoting a column written by Robert Reilly, a Senior Fellow at the conservative American Foreign Policy Council.

According to NOM, Reilly’s column explains “why real justice forbids” marriage equality. In reality, all the column does is propagate a number of vile anti-gay smears.

Homosexuality is unhealthy and reduces your life expectancy:

[N]o one today can publicly suggest that our genitals are not made for sodomy or even, without becoming the objects of obloquy, point out the health consequences of this unclean practice. Well before HIV/AIDS arrived on the scene, the life expectancy of practicing homosexuals was substantially below that of the heterosexual male population because of the deleterious health effects of this behavior. What things are have a way of fighting back against those who deny what they are and who act in such a way as if they weren’t.

Homosexuality is akin to alcoholism:

Homosexual marriage is not, as some have suggested, "inclusive," simply making room for another kind of marriage. Its legalization requires the denial of the true nature of marriage. Militant homosexuals are trying to conform reality to themselves, rather than conforming themselves to reality. They will say, no doubt, that their reality is that they are homosexuals. But that is no more persuasive than an alcoholic acknowledging the reality of his condition.

“Sodomy” is immoral and “evil”:

Many who think that homosexuality is a genetic condition believe that this, in and of itself, justifies homosexual marriage. That is why a great deal has been invested in the argument over whether homosexuality is a genetic trait or learned behavior. This issue, however, is immaterial to the morality of homosexual acts. The same kind of argument could be made over alcoholism. There appears to be a missing chromosome – the Y chromosome – that predisposes certain people to alcoholism; others seem to acquire alcoholism through their behavior. In either case, drunkenness is no less evil because of an inherent predisposition to it. Likewise, sodomy.

Gay pride celebrates an “abnormality” and “closes off the path to recovery”:

Of course, it is very hard to live with such predispositions, and profound sympathy and assistance is due to those who suffer from them. The worst disservice that could be done in either case, however, would be to encourage or participate in the celebration of the afflictions, as in "Gay Pride Day." Why is “Gay Pride Day” any less absurd than an “Alcoholic Pride Day” would be? Both conditions exist as aberrations, as abnormalities in the light of what is normal by nature. To substitute an abnormality for normality destroys the distinction between the two, and closes off the path to recovery.

“Sodomy is the cancer version of...spousal intercourse":

In moral terms, this would be analogous to substituting a cancerous lung for a healthy lung on the basis that we cannot tell the difference between them. Such a claim would obviously subvert medical care and would represent a huge injustice to cancer patients. Sodomy is the cancer version of coition. Substituting it for spousal intercourse on the basis that there is no difference between them is an act of injustice that will subvert marriage and the soul of the society that accepts it.

This isn’t the first time Robert Reilly has made outrageous and hateful claims about the LGBT community. In late 2010, he wrote that gay men are “cowardly” and “less than men” for “pretending” to be “a woman in a sodomic sexual act.” In 2009, he called sodomy a “great evil,”  right along with murder and adultery.

This also isn’t the first time NOM has abandoned its focus on same-sex marriage to directly promote the demonization of LGBT people. Actually, it isn’t even the first time this month.

Last week, NOM highlighted a column that called homosexuality “darkness parading around as light” and promoted the work of a notorious anti-gay hatemonger who called the normalization of homosexuality a form of “sexual anarchy.” In August, NOM promoted a whole slew of other anti-gay smears, including calling homosexuality a “fatal” behavioral choice and comparing it to pedophilia.

NOM continues to claim that its “battle is not with an orientation” and that it works with “the love of God and our neighbor in our hearts.” Is this what NOM’s “love” looks like? 


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