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Wash. Times’ Knight: “Devil’s Law Firm” Is Trying To Expose Students To Gay Temptation

September 12, 2011 4:06 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Washington Times columnist, homophobic ranter, and hate-group ally Robert Knight is not happy with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). In a September 9 column, Knight explains how the civil liberties organization is doing the devil’s work:

If you were the devil, what would be your most important mission, other than inventing false religions? It would be to corrupt innocent children.


I’d expose the kids to outright propaganda through clever websites designed to promote deviance and to brand anyone with any qualms, such as parents, as hate-filled bigots and bullies.

If any school districts resisted, I’d slap them with legal threats. And that’s where the devil’s law firm comes in.

Knight is referring to the ACLU’s “Don’t Filter Me” campaign, an effort to prevent public schools from using web filtering software to block access to websites that provide “positive info about LGBT issues and organizations,” including and (many of these schools still allow access to anti-gay websites like and According to him, the “devil’s law firm” is working to expose innocent children to thegateways to a world of temptation”:

Having lost the library fight, the ACLU is concentrating on schoolchildren. The websites for the gay groups that the ACLU is representing are not porn sites, but they are gateways to a world of temptation for vulnerable children unsure about their sexuality. They go far beyond promoting tolerance and openly promote homosexuality.

Knight’s outrage is based on two equally ridiculous, right-wing assumptions about being LGBT – namely, that kids will decide to become LGBT if they’re allowed to learn about LGBT people and that it’s impossible to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity without being sexual or pornographic.

Both claims are at the center of the right-wing’s ongoing war against any attempt to support and protect vulnerable LGBT students. The ACLU’s “Don’t Filter Me” campaign is motivated by the understanding that denying students access to LGBT-related websites reinforces the anti-LGBT attitudes that result in bullying and suicide. As the LA Times editorial board recently wrote:

[T]he paramount reason for schools to stop blocking these sites is educational. Within sensible limits (such as a restriction on sexually explicit material), allowing students to browse the Web expands their horizons and, in the case of sites like the Trevor Project, could save their lives.  It shouldn't take a warning letter from the ACLU to convince school administrators of that proposition.

Knight, however, can’t be bothered to worry about the well-being of LGBT youth. He’s much too busy unveiling the ACLU’s supposed master plan to “destroy Judeo-Christian morality”:

The ACLU’s latest venture, couched in the language of preventing “viewpoint discrimination,” is part of a long march to destroy Judeo-Christian morality and replace it with legally enforced acceptance of immorality. Demoralized children are not merely collateral damage in this quest, but the very object.

With his use of religious rhetoric, calling the ACLU the “devil’s law firm,” and referring to the same-sex marriage movement anunholy campaign,” Knight seems to actually believe that the LGBT community and Satan have formed a pretty strong partnership in their joint campaign to bring children to the dark side. 


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