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NOM Still Promoting Bogus Link Between Pedophilia And Homosexuality

September 16, 2011 4:55 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Thursday, the National Organization for Marriage's (NOM) Ruth Institute posted a column written by the conservative Sutherland Institute's Paul Mero titled "Mero Moment: The Slippery Slope of Sexual Politics."

Mero's piece focuses on a recent Baltimore symposium put together by B4U-Act, a group that seeks to reduce the stigmatization and stereotyping of people who are sexually attracted to children by removing pedophilia from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). According to Mero, B4U-Act's effort to destigmatize pedophilia is akin to the push to normalize homosexuality:

[In] 1973, homosexuality was listed in the DSM as a mental disorder. At that year's national convention of the American Psychiatric Association, homosexuality was declassified as a mental disorder, meaning that group of psychiatrists decided at that moment that homosexuality is natural, normal and healthy.

Now, there's a whole back story about how that was accomplished by homosexual activists to basically intimidate those psychiatrists, but the point is that the DSM is important for anyone who has a serious interest in mental disorders or even how some mental disorders shouldn't be viewed as disorders.

Mero argues that the "homosexual movement" convinced psychologists to focus on sexual attraction once it realized that it couldn't prove anyone was "born gay." As a result, he explains, pedophiles have been able to adopt a similar "game plan":

Psychology is going off the deep end with its new focus on human attraction, and the homosexual movement has put them in this bind. For decades now the homosexual movement has insisted that a person can be "born gay." The problem is that over this same period of time, after having exhausted incredible amounts of time and resources, homosexual-friendly scientists and doctors have not been able to provide any replicable scientific or medical findings that prove any such thing.


The fact is — the truth is — pedophiles are mentally disturbed and there's no amount of gloss that can cover the fact that what they do is reprehensible. But they've seen homosexuals get away with it and now they think it's their turn.

At the heart of Mero's argument is the assumption that homosexuality is (and still deserves to be treated as) a mental disorder. For Mero, homosexuality is no more an innate sexual orientation than pedophilia: both are aberrant deviations from "natural, normal and healthy" sexuality.

His assertions fly in the face of the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community, but fit perfectly into NOM's anti-gay misinformation campaign. The organization has a long history of promoting both the myth that homosexuality is a choice and the smear that homosexuality and pedophilia are two sides of the same coin.

To make matters worse, it now appears that the Ruth Institute has followed in its parent organization's footsteps and created a "pedophilia" category for its supposedly marriage-focused blog. Don't expect this kind of anti-gay propaganda to end anytime soon.


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