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NOM Launches Project To Protect Anti-Gay Americans, Still Not Worried About The Gay Ones

September 23, 2011 6:19 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Today, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) announced the launch of its newest project, the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance (Marriage ADA). According to NOM president Brian Brown, Marriage ADA is NOM’s response to the intimidation and stigmatization faced by opponents of same-sex marriage:

Each week or so you will see another video, another face of a human being whose rights and dignity are denied by too many gay-marriage advocates. (Yes, we know there are exceptions-we hope that people on both sides of this debate step up to the plate to deplore these injustices!)

This is just the beginning of a huge new step, a blow for liberty, for justice, for community and for civility to ALL sides in the gay marriage debate.

Marriage ADA is our unique, fruitful response to this attempt to create a climate of fear.

Marriage ADA's goal is to create a community of Americans who, regardless of their faith tradition, adhere to the core Gospel value: "Be not afraid!"

The first human “face” spotlighted by Marriage ADA is Frank Turek’s. According to Brown, Turek is a corporate consultant who has lost several jobs due to his opposition to same-sex marriage:

A student of Frank's says, in essence, that he LOVES Frank's corporate leadership class, which includes teaching respect for diversity within a corporate culture. But because this student has Googled Frank and discovered that Frank opposes same-sex marriage, he seeks to get Frank Turek fired—and succeeds!

Brown even thanked the American Family Association (AFA) — which has been labeled an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center — for championing Turek’s cause.

As Good As You’s Jeremy Hooper pointed out, however, Turek’s anti-gay animus goes “way beyond” simply opposing same-sex marriage. Right Wing Watch has documented Turek’s anti-gay past, including calling homosexuality a “road to destruction” and suggesting that gays and Muslim extremists have joined together to bring about “totalitarianism” in America.

In reality, Marriage ADA is just another attempt to advance the ridiculous claim that, in the fight for LGBT equality, anti-gay activists are the real victims.  NOM is heavily invested in promoting the ‘gays-are-bullies’ theme, even asking  GOP presidential candidates to pledge to establish a presidential commission to investigate the harassment of ‘traditional marriage’ supporters.

At the same time, NOM is deafeningly silent on the “defamation” it directs towards LGBT people on an almost daily basis. In the past month alone, NOM has promoted articles calling homosexuality a form of “sexual anarchy,” “darkness parading around as light,” and the “cancer version” of heterosexuality. It’s also promoted columns comparing homosexuality to pedophilia and implying that one’s sexual orientation is a choiceThis is the group fighting for “civility to ALL SIDES in the gay marriage debate?”

NOM is also silent on the intimidation and harassment carried out, ironically enough, by its friends at AFA. The AFA is notorious for calling for boycotts against companies that it believes to be promoting the “homosexual agenda,”including McDonald’sPepsiCo, and The Home Depot. It has never hesitated to pressure and intimidate companies into caving into its right-wing agenda.

As always, NOM continues to only be concerned with “bullying” and intimidation when gays and lesbians aren’t the target.


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