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Classy: NOM Pokes Fun At Transgender 7-Year-Old For Joining Girl Scouts

October 31, 2011 11:38 am ET by Carlos Maza

Sometimes, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) forgets to hide the fact that anti-LGBT bigotry is at the heart of its protect marriage agenda. Last Thursday was one of those times. 

In an October 27 blog post, NOM’s Ruth Institute mocked a transgender 7-year-old girl who was initially denied but eventually granted access into the Girl Scouts. The post  which was written by Ruth Institute blogger Ari and included a link to an article about the incident  was short and to the point:

I guess you’re going to have to start calling them…

… the “Mostly Girl Scouts.”

The post apparently generated a harsh response, because Ari returned just a few hours later to defend what he had written. In a blog entry titled “On inconvenient truths,” he doubled down on his bigotry, comparing transgender people to people suffering from psychotic delusions and proudly defending his refusal to accommodate transgender people’s gender identities:

I can hardly see how anything good can happen when we pretend that the facts of the world are not what they are. I can hardly see how a little boy who pretends that he is a girl can be best served by telling him that his fantasies are true rather than to get over the fact that life is full of unfair things and that his sex is just one of those unfair things.


But life is FULL of inconvenient and sometimes painful facts. The art of being happy depends on people learning how best to deal with those inconvenient facts. Pretending they don’t exist or hiring a surgeon to mutilate one’s genitals is not likely to be the best solution.


[T]he thought that a certain set of facts must be systematically denied by all right thinking people is deeply revolting to me. It does not matter if I’m supposed to refer to a certain little boy as a “little girl” or if I’m supposed to say that the hundred thousandth digit of Pi is 3. I am willing to deny neither of those facts on pain of losing my status as a “right thinking person.” [emphasis added]

In short, Ari’s advice to transgender people is simple: too bad, get over it. It’s advice that directly contradicts the recommendations of the American Psychological Association. It’s advice that can have debilitating, if not life-threatening consequences for transgender children. And it’s the kind of advice you’d expect to hear from an anti-gay hate group.

This is the second time in October that NOM has targeted a transgender child to advance its anti-LGBT agenda, and it’s just the latest in NOM’s recent spike in anti-trans blog posts.

As usual, neither of NOM’s transphobic posts have anything to do with protecting traditional marriage or, as the Ruth Institute’s mantra goes, “Making Marriage Cool.” Their aim was to ridicule and attack the Girl Scouts for attempting to make a young transgender girl feel welcome and respected. For NOM, no act of tolerance towards the LGBT community is too small to be upset about.


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