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O’Reilly Goes After Girl Scout Applicant: “So It’s A Transvestite Boy”

November 02, 2011 2:46 pm ET by Carlos Maza

On November 1, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly hosted a segment to discuss Bobby Montoya – a transgender seven-year-old in Denver, Colorado, who was recently barred from joining a local Girl Scouts troop. The Girl Scouts of Colorado eventually reversed its decision, stating that the organization was inclusive of all types of girls. 

O’Reilly, who was joined by Fox contributors Lis Wiehl and Kimberly Guilfoyle, seemed less than thrilled with the whole situation:

O’REILLY: So, this is a seven-year-old in the process of becoming a girl?

WIEHL: Trying to no. Well, that no, that’s not even started. He just dresses up as a girl, likes girl things.

O’REILLY: So it’s a transvestite boy?

WIEHL: Well, yeah, exactly. Transvestite

O’REILLY: So there’s no physical altercation.

WIEHL: No physical thing going on, no. He’s seven years old.

O’REILLY: He’s a boy who chooses to be a girl. And he wants to join the Girl Scouts.

WIEHL: And, Bill his mother refers to him as a boy. He’s a boy.

O’REILLY: So the mother thinks he’s a boy, but he thinks he’s a girl.

O’Reilly’s use of the word “transvestite” – instead of “transgender” – was both inaccurate and offensive. “Transvestite” is a derogatory term used to describe someone who cross-dresses but is relatively comfortable with the gender he or she was assigned at birth. According to Bobby’s mother, Bobby consistently identifies as a girl and has done so for nearly half a decade:

"Bobby identifies as a girl, and he's a boy," Felisha Archuleta, Bobby's mom, said. "He's been doing this since he was about 2 years old. He's loved girl stuff, so we just let him dress how he wants, as long as he's happy."

The entire segment was overtly hostile toward both Montoya and the Girl Scouts. Guilfoyle rolled her eyes during the discussion of Montoya’s gender and suggested that the child be put in “some counseling or something.”

Over the weekend, Fox relied on a number of anti-trans hatemongers to express their disdain for the Girl Scouts’ trans-inclusiveness.


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