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NOM Uses Penn State Scandal To Promote Homosexuality-Pedophilia Link

November 16, 2011 1:04 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Anti-gay hate groups have wasted no time in using the child molestation scandal at Penn State to prop up the myth that homosexuality is linked to pedophilia and pederasty. Groups like the American Family Association and Americans for Truth About Homosexuality have been all too eager to assert that, because both Jerry Sandusky and his victims are male, Sandusky is another example of how gay men molest children at higher rates than heterosexuals.

It was only a matter of time before the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) – which has become increasingly vocal about promoting the homosexuality-pedophilia myth over the past several months – got in on the action.

In a November 15 blog post, NOM’s Ruth Institute posted an excerpt from an article by anti-gay activist Michael Brown titled “What could end Rush Limbaugh’s career?” The article focused on a recent incident on Limbaugh’s radio show during which the conservative commentator toyed with the idea of saying what “nobody’s got the guts to say” about the Penn State scandal, but then backed away out of fear that voicing his thoughts would “end” his career.

Brown, of course, had his own theory for what Limbaugh was referring to:

He takes on the president, the Congress, and the media (not to mention his derisive attacks on foreign leaders and even radical Muslims), but there's one group he won't take on, one subject he won't touch.
What is it that, in his words, could end his career? What is it about the Penn State scandal that is "glaring; it's right in front of everybody," and yet "Nobody has the guts to actually give the explanation for what was going on and why there was trepidation in reporting it"?
Could it be that the sex abuse scandal involved a man allegedly abusing boys, meaning that the acts were homosexual in nature? And could it be that even Rush Limbaugh didn't have the guts to address this? (Contrary to the protestations of some, a man who is sexually involved with boys is a homosexual pedophile; a man who is sexually involved with girls is a heterosexual pedophile.)
Of course, the fact there are homosexual pedophiles does not mean that all (or most) gays are child abusers. Certainly not! And yet even Rush Limbaugh, it appears, would not address this directly. [...]

If, in fact, I misunderstood him, then he has my profound apology. If I understood him correctly, then he has my profound appeal: Speak up, Rush, and don't be afraid. Surely you have the guts.

NOM’s Ruth Institute posted the excerpt and linked to the article in full without comment, but the tags used to categorize the article say more than enough:

[Ruth Institute Blog, accessed 11/15/11]

At NOM, it appears, a story about a married child molester is considered representative of the “gay agenda,” the “gay lobby,” and gays and lesbians in general.


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