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Fox’s Dr. Ablow Outraged Over Benetton Ads, Still A Complete Joke

November 18, 2011 1:43 pm ET by Carlos Maza

It’s hard to believe that Fox News contributor and anti-LGBT pop psychologist Dr. Keith Ablow could be taken any less seriously than he already is. Whether he’s freaking about Chaz Bono, pink nail polish, or the Girl Scouts, Ablow has shown himself to be little more than a bigot who’s being allowed to peddle widely discredited pseudoscience on a “news” network that really isn’t concerned with accuracy or truth-telling.

If Ablow’s newest column is any indication, however, we’ve only scratched the surface of how ridiculous he’s willing to be to get attention.

In a November 17 column for, Ablow goes after Italian fashion brand Benetton for its new ad campaign, which features images of world religious and political leaders kissing. The ads include images of both same-sex and opposite-sex kisses between leaders and are meant to draw attention to Benetton’s UNHATE Foundation, which aims to create a new culture of tolerance” and “combat hatred.”

[UNHATE Foundation, accessed 11/18/11]

According Ablow, however, these ads could only be sending one message – gay sex leads to world peace:

The only psychological interpretation of such ads that makes sense to me as a psychiatrist is that the corporate leaders at Benetton literally believe that homosexual sex between world leaders -- or at least homosexuality, as an orientation -- would lead to world peace. They have tipped their collective hands as a company and indicted marital fidelity, faith and heterosexuality, labeling them the real sources of hatred and suffering around the globe. In the collective mind of Benetton, if religious leaders and political figures would just have sex with one another all would be well.

Really. That is what they seem to think--or at least what they want our sons and daughters to think.

No matter, Benetton would have us believe, that we may have vast differences on human rights. No matter that we may have profound differences on religious tolerance. No matter that we may have fundamental differences on economic policies, respect for international law and child labor. All these non-issues will melt away with enough wet kisses between men who were once so backwards as to believe that ideas and ideals and knowledge of history and courage still mattered. No, Benettonians -- that new movement of homoerotic Utopians -- are telling us, homosexual sex is what matters -- and so much of it, in such unrestrained fashion as to unite men from democracies with men from dictatorships, Catholic and Muslim leaders, black men and white men. See, we had it all wrong talking about hearts and minds, about the Greatest Generation and lessons from history. We had it wrong elevating principle over pleasure and sacrifice over sexual gratification. We had it wrong thinking we could move the world forward while allowing men to be attracted to women. Our connections must be made man-to-man, with our tongues and genitals. That is the only road forward. [emphasis added]

Ablow’s column – which is nothing more than cultural warfare and hatemongering loosely disguised as "psychological interpretation" – is so over-the-top and asinine that it fails to merit a serious response. It’s painfully clear that Ablow's diatribes can't be taken seriously. What isn’t clear is why Fox News continues rely on Ablow as a part of its “Medical A-Team” when he consistently fails to provide insight worthy of a passing grade.


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