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NOM Blogger Gets Shut Down After Anti-Gay Posts

November 22, 2011 3:09 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Over the past two weeks, Equality Matters has told you about a number of outrageous comments made by Ari Mendelson, a blogger for the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Ruth Institute.

On November 14, Mendelson ranted against LGBT-inclusive curricula in California public schools, writing that the “ENTIRE STATE has had its public schools ruined” by “LGBT propaganda.”

On November 17, Mendelson  promoted a column calling gay activists “more loathsome” than “jihadi terrorists” and warning that gay activists “should not be able to go out in the streets for fear of being spat upon by decent people.”

Today, the Ruth Institute announced that it would “no longer allow Ari to have posting privileges” on its blog, adding:

His sarcasm has gone over the line and we don’t care to be associated with it...  We will stick to reporting on all aspects of the marriage issue in a civil way.

The end of NOM’s association with Mendelson’s anti-gay vitriol – “sarcasm” or not – is no doubt good news.

Unfortunately for NOM, however, Mendelson’s hate-filled blog posts are just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s just a sampling of less-than-"civil" anti-gay rhetoric being promoted at NOM’s Ruth Institute on a daily basis, none of it written by Mendelson:

Every single one of these posts was authored by either Betsy, a Ruth Institute contributor, or Jennifer Morse, the Ruth Institute’s president.

If this kind of rhetoric is NOM’s idea of “stick[ing] to reporting on all aspects of the marriage issue in a civil way,” Mendelson’s departure won’t change very much at all.


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