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Any Excuse: CNN Invites Tony Perkins To Comment On Jesus’ View Of Occupy Wall Street

December 09, 2011 11:57 am ET by Carlos Maza

It’s starting to seem like major news networks will find any excuse to invite Tony Perkins – president of the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated anti-gay hate group the Family Research Council – onto national television.

On the December 8 edition of CNN Newsroom, openly gay CNN host Don Lemon invited Perkins to discuss a new op-ed – posted on – in which Perkins suggested that Jesus Christ may have opposed the Occupy Wall Street movement because he allegedly supported the free market:

Aside from referring to Perkins’ group as “controversial,” Lemon didn’t bother telling his viewers about Perkins’ status as a hate group leader.

Why does CNN insist on treating Perkins as a credible source of political commentary? Perkins has publicly called CNN “propaganda,” but the network continues to invite him to appear in CNN segments and write columns for CNN’s website.

In fairness, CNN isn’t doing anything differently than Fox and MSNBC, which have both helped turn Tony Perkins into a nearly permanent media fixture in 2011.


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