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NOM President Brian Brown Attends Newt Gingrich Fundraiser

December 09, 2011 2:21 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Sometimes, poking fun at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is just too easy.

On December 7, Mother Jones reporter Andy Kroll wrote that he had been pushed out of a Washington, D.C., fundraiser for presidential candidate and glitter bomb target Newt Gingrich after sneaking in with a few dozen protesters. According to Kroll, the men that pushed him from the room included “hotel security and other suited individuals.”

Upon watching video footage from the incident, it appears that one of the “suited individuals” was none other than Brian Brown, president of NOM:

BROWN: You guys are a joke. Get out. This is a private event. Do you think that this is okay? Get out! Thanks. Get out. It’s a private event. Would we do this to your event? Have some common sense.

In an interview on last night’s edition of Current TV’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Kroll confirmed that it was indeed NOM’s Brown who had pushed him out of the event:

KROLL: I recognize the fellow who pushed me out of the room, the guy you showed on the camera earlier. That was Brian Brown. He’s the president of the National Organization for Marriage, which is one of the most virulently right-wing anti-gay marriage organizations in the country. They’re a group behind a lot of the measures to outlaw same-sex marriage around the country.

Watching Brown  whose organization constantly decries the alleged “bullying” tactics of gay rights activists – trying to physically force someone out of a room is entertaining enough.

The real comedy, though, is the fact that Brown was attending a fundraiser for Newt Gingrich, a candidate whose multiple marriages and history of marital infidelity have already drawn criticism from a number of social conservatives.

Considering Brown’s previous claims that NOM “obviously” opposes divorce and works to lower divorce rates, you’d expect the organization to be vocal about Gingrich’s less-than-perfect relationship with the institution of marriage.

But it hasn’t.

And that’s because, despite all of its “protect marriage” rhetoric, NOM’s primary goal is to demonize gays and lesbians while fighting every attempt to advance LGBT equality. If that entails supporting an anti-gay candidate with a demonstrated lack of respect for the institution of marriage, then so be it.


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