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NOM Already Promoting Anti-Gay Misinformation In 2012

January 04, 2012 4:56 pm ET by Carlos Maza

It’s too bad “tell the truth” wasn’t one of NOM’s New Year’s resolutions. 

We’re less than a week into 2012, but the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is already back to advancing its favorite anti-equality talking points.

On January 3, the group promoted a column by Bishop Harry Jackson opposing the current effort to legalize same-sex marriage in Maryland. The column, titled “The Marriage Meltdown,” regurgitates a number of NOM’s classic falsehoods about marriage equality, including:

Marriage equality decreases marriage rates and increases divorce rates:

What have the effects of redefining marriage been around the world? Denmark was among the first nations in the world to introduce “registered partnerships” which conferred marriage-like rights on gay couples in 1989. Other Scandinavian countries soon followed suit. The result was not so much a change in the behavior of gays and lesbians (Scandinavian countries report between 1 and 7 registered partnerships per thousand marriages), but a dramatic shift in heterosexual behavior. Rates of out-of-wedlock childbearing rose (about 60% of firstborn babies in Denmark are born to unmarried parents) as did the rates of family dissolution, including both divorces and breakups between cohabiting parents. It seems that when a society no longer holds the institution of marriage to be sacred, people simply stop bothering to get married at all, and break up when it pleases them. [emphasis added]

Marriage equality exposes kids to “pro-homosexual propaganda”:

Earlier this year, California governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill mandating that public schools teach their students “the role and contributions of” homosexual American historical figures, and forbade the use of any resources that “contain any matter reflecting adversely” upon gays on the basis of sexual orientation. The legislation also urged charter schools and private schools “take notice of the provisions of this act.” It does not take much imagination to see that if marriage is redefined nation-wide, such pro-homosexual propaganda will be mandated in every public school in the country. [emphasis added]

Marriage equality leads to polygamy and polyamory:

Lastly, we are fools if we think that redefining marriage to include homosexual couples is the end of the story. To the contrary, it is only the beginning. Groups advocating polygamy and polyamory have their arguments prepared and will begin advocating for the definition of marriage to be relaxed further to accommodate their preferences. Children may then be born to and even adopted by any number of “families” with any number of mothers and fathers, sleeping with whomever they depending in their whims. Redefining marriage will be the beginning of the end of the family as we know it. [emphasis added]

It looks like NOM’s strategy in Maryland won’t be very different from its approach last year, when the group used anti-gay propaganda and suspicious polling to sway public opinion against marriage equality.

On the bright side, NOM’s anti-gay misinformation might end up working in favor of marriage equality. Last February, Maryland Senator James Brochin (D) announced that he would support marriage equality after he became “troubled” by “appalling” testimony from anti-gay witnesses, including NOM board member Maggie Gallagher.

If that’s the kind of reaction that NOM’s talking points provoke, 2012 might indeed end up being a happy new year.


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