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NOM’s Morse: Shut Down IVF Clinics, Ban Sperm Donation To Stop Gay Parents

January 10, 2012 9:48 am ET by Carlos Maza

Jennifer Morse

As Equality Matters has noted, the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) anti-gay politics go far beyond the issue of same-sex marriage. The group has been a strong proponent of restricting the rights of gays and lesbians to raise their own children -- arguing against adoption and non-discrimination efforts while promoting damaging myths about same-sex parents.

Last Friday, Jennifer Morse -- president of NOM’s Ruth Institute -- continued this trend in a blog post titled “Two Moms: the triumph of the Will over Nature.”

In her post, Morse lamented the stories of two lesbian couples who gave birth to their children with the help of sperm donors, writing:

According to data from around the world, lesbian couples are the least stable type of couple. What happens when the partnership breaks down? [...]

One of the women donated the egg. The other had it implanted in her womb, and carried it to term. So, they are both mothers and both have custody rights. The child’s father was an anonymous sperm donor. He is completely out of the picture. No one cares about him. No one cares that this poor little girl will never know her father. [...]

The courts are trying to do the impossible: create justice out of an intrinsically unjust situation. [emphasis added]

Morse’s assertion that lesbian relationships are unstable- which she supports by citing 2006 studies from Sweden and California -- has been debunked by several recent reports.

Her broader point, though, seems to be that any same-sex relationship, stable or not, is “unjust” because it denies a child access to his/her biological mother and father.

So what’s Morse’s solution? Ban same-sex marriage? Prohibit same-sex adoption?

Not exactly:

The correct result is to shut down the IVF clinics. They are generating injustices right and left. At the very least, ban gamete donation and sales.

This is the Brave New World we will leave to our children and grandchildren, if we don’t do something about it. [emphasis original]

According to Morse, the solution to the “injustice” of same-sex parenting is to put an end to the practice of in vitro fertilization and sperm/egg donation, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for gay couples (and straight couples having difficulty conceiving ) to have children.

This is the same person who has previously floated the idea of banning gay adoptions and implied that same-sex couples are taking African-American children away from their parents.

It’s important to note that Morse’s complaint -- not to mention her draconian solution -- isn’t actually tied to the issue of marriage equality. Even in states where gay couples aren’t allowed to legally wed, children are increasingly being raised by same-sex parents.

Morse’s post is just further evidence that, for NOM, stopping marriage equality is just the first step in an extensive campaign against basic LGBT equality.


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