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Fox’s Keith Ablow: Americans Are “Bono-ing... Ourselves Into Oblivion”

January 18, 2012 4:22 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Keith Ablow

Fresh off of his win of 2011 “misinformer of the year” on LGBT issues, Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow is already back in action. The pop-psychologist and “Medical A-Team” member posted a column over the weekend bluntly titled “America Is Drunk.” 

In his column – which was prompted by a recent report about the rise of binge drinking in America – Ablow argues that excessive alcohol consumption is just a symptom of the country’s broader desire to escape from reality. Other symptoms include Facebooking, “Kardashianing,” sexting, and, of course, accepting transgender people like Chaz Bono:

My theory is that Americans are on a flight from reality. Faced with painful facts—including the precarious state of the economy, the gathering storm represented by militant Muslims, in general, and Iran, in particular, the crumbling state of marriage in this country, the fact that our borders are being overrun, and the fact that our health care insurance system is in shambles (to name just a smattering of the troubles we desperately need to address)—we as a nation are drinking, drugging, gambling, smoking, Facebooking, YouTubing, Marijuaning, Kardashianing, Adderalling, Bono-ing (as in thinking of Chaz’s sad flight from reality as good), Prozacking, Twittering, and Sexting ourselves into oblivion.

The fact that we are doing this as a culture is the single most ominous psychological trend we have ever faced. I am not exaggerating. 

Unchecked, it will literally create an absentee nation, unable to summon real vision to confront real threats, unable to summon real courage to defeat real enemies, unable to buckle down and take the tough measures necessary to restore real economic stability, unable to tell our friends that we will defend them—if necessary, to the death. [emphasis added] 

Ablow is likely referencing Bono’s recent participation on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, which the Fox News “expert” infamously warned would convince kids to become transgender (a claim that was flatly rejected by the American Psychiatric Association).

According to Ablow – who’s made a habit of campaigning against transgender tolerance over the past few months – Bono’s mainstream acceptance is just further evidence that America is running away from “painful facts” about the world like the rise of Iran and a weak economy.

Sounds like somebody’s hoping to retain his “misinformer” title for another year.


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