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AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Roger Ailes Runs Fox News Like Jesus Would

February 03, 2012 9:13 am ET by Carlos Maza

Bryan Fischer -- spokesman for the anti-gay hate group American Family Association (AFA) -- has an interesting take on a recent Politico article detailing Fox News’ tenth year as the leader in cable news ratings. According to Fischer, there’s a simple explanation for the network’s success: Fox News president Roger Ailes’ management style follows Jesus’ model:

We have one dad in this family, said Shepard Smith, a star anchor who was a correspondent in the Los Angeles bureau at launch. He makes all the decisions, and you know exactly who you have to go to, and you know when to stop asking. If you get an answer from Mr. Ailes office, thats the answer; its time to move on.

Smith said that when he leaves Ailess office, the last thing he asks me is, What can I do for you? And the last thing he tells me is he loves me. Thats not going to work everywhere, and most people will hear than and go, You are full of crap. Thats exactly how it is here, and I love it.

[W]hether Ailes realizes it or not, his leadership style is exactly that style that Jesus taught.

Remember that Jesus said, in Mark 10:45, “The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve.” Ailes is successful not because he can throw his weight around, but because he uses his weight to serve the people who work for him. By serving them rather spending all day ordering them around, he gives them opportunity to success and in turn he receives the considerable reward of their talent and effort.

Bottom line: the key to success in a capitalistic system is to do things Jesus’ way. Who knew?

In Fischer’s mind, the similarities between Jesus Christ and Roger Ailes must go on and on. According to the hate group spokesman, Jesus encouraged his followers to become conservative political operatives, used “inflammatory” and “poisonous” language, and would have smeared efforts to protest income inequality. As the head of Fox News, Ailes has worked to promote conservative politicians, smeared his political opponents with extreme rhetoric, and demonized the Occupy Wall Street movement.

And considering what a reliable source of anti-LGBT fodder Fox News has been for Fischer, it’s no wonder he views the network as heaven-sent.  


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