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NOM's Gallagher Gets Questioned Over Anti-Gay History On MSNBC

February 14, 2012 10:48 am ET by Carlos Maza

Maggie Gallagher, co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage, had a less-than-pleasant experience when she appeared on the February 11 edition of MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes to discuss her opposition to same-sex marriage.

After being grilled over her claim that marriage equality would somehow threaten heterosexual marriages, Gallagher was asked by Richard Kim, executive editor of, about her history of anti-gay rhetoric. Gallagher attempted to deny her own history of what Kim called “anti-gay animus”:

Kim, of course, was entirely accurate in his depiction of Gallagher and NOM’s anti-gay animus. He returned later in the show to quote a article Gallagher wrote in 2001 in which she called homosexuality a “sexual dysfunction” and called for federal research dollars to support “ex-gay” therapy. NOM president Brian Brown also recently celebrated a study on the effectiveness of “ex-gay” therapy, calling it “good news.”

Gallagher’s defense of NOM’s blog – that linking to an article isn’t an endorsement – is questionable at best. While NOM does occasionally link to gay news publications like The Advocate, it is important to examine what type of stories NOM highlights from that paper. Over the past few months, NOM has linked to or cited The Advocate in order to highlight stories about gay men advocating for non-monogamous relationship, the decriminalization of pedophilia, and equality in divorce laws.

Meanwhile, the blog – which Gallagher claims to keep a “close track of” – has linked to a number of extreme and inflammatory anti-gay columns.

Among the claims NOM has chosen to link to (but not endorse): homosexuality causes “physical and mental harms” and will “end your life prematurely,” homosexuality is “darkness parading around as light,” etc.

NOM has also linked to a column that claims marriage equality will create a “moral wasteland” as well as numerous columns that promote he bogus link between homosexuality and pedophilia, even recommending a book that asserts gay parents are likely to molest their own children.

The organization has also linked to the testimony of a “former lesbian” and the president of a prominent “ex-gay” group. NOM’s Ruth Institute has touted the work of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), one of the country’s most prolific producers of junk “ex-gay” science.

Even if Gallagher does not personally endorse every link posted on NOM’s website, she should answer an important question: if NOM doesn’t endorse the anti-gay propaganda it links to on a daily basis, why does it go through so much to spread and promote it?


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