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FRC Launches Misleading New Website To "Stop Fake Marriage!"

February 23, 2012 4:51 pm ET by Carlos Maza

On Wednesday, Family Research Council (FRC) president Tony Perkins sent an email to supporters warning about “The Commitment Campaign,” an effort launched in November by Third Way to reframe the debate over same-sex marriage by discussing the value of commitment between gay spouses. According to Perkins, the campaign is a “deceptively-named” attempt to affirm “fake ‘marriage,’ ” and FRC needs donations to stop it:

I'm convinced that the Family Research Council (FRC) can stop "The Commitment Campaign," if we can spread the compelling facts about same-sex marriage far and wide-from the halls of Congress . . . to the Supreme Court chamber . . . to all of America through the media.

I urge you to help defeat this campaign with a generous donation to FRC. Your donation will help our team of experts warn and educate your member of the U.S. House . . . your two Senators . . . the entire U.S. Congress . . . other policymakers . . . and every voter possible.

FRC has immense credibility on Capitol Hill and beyond.

I believe we can defeat the high-dollar resources of the radical Left's funding of "The Commitment Campaign." By God's grace, we have used your donations in the past to defeat the Goliaths of the opposition. But if we ever needed your financial help, it is now--when marriage and religious freedom are on the line in 2012. [emphasis original]

Perkins’ email directs supporters to a new FRC website, which asks for donations while warning viewers about the “FACTS” about marriage equality. As you would expect from an anti-gay hate group, FRC’s “FACTS” are little more than a mash up of classic right-wing horror stories about same-sex marriage:

FRC’s website also warns that “fake marriages mean you will loose [sic] religions freedoms... lives will be ruined by deception,” explaining that its anti-gay propaganda is “not a message of hate”: 

Given the low quality of FRC’s site – and the fact that it’s being launched nearly four months after the Commitment Campaign was announced – it’s possible that the new effort is nothing more than an excuse to fundraise by dreaming up some non-existent anti-marriage “Goliath.”

In an email to Equality Matters, Third Way Deputy Director of Social Policy & Politics Lanae Erickson welcomed FRC's sudden interest:

Third Way’s Commitment Campaign brings together Americans from both sides of the aisle to support one common value: that committed gay couples who want to make a lifetime promise to care for each other should be able to do so. We take the fact that marriage opponents feel they must respond to our efforts as a good sign—it means our message is gaining traction. 

Still, one can’t help but cringe at the fact that FRC – which is willing to peddle damaging lies about gay people in order to refill its coffers – is still treated like a mainstream and credible political organization by major news networks. 


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