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Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow Defends Masculinity By Promoting Sexist Stereotypes

March 05, 2012 3:18 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Anti-LGBT pop psychologist Dr. Keith Ablow has a long track record of making a fool of himself by providing unqualified and bigoted commentary on a wide range of topics, including gender and sexuality. This weekend, he extended that record a bit further.

On Sunday’s edition of Fox & Friends, Ablow was invited to discuss a new Men’s Health study, which found that many men have adapted to the recession by “shifting their focus to family, social life, emotional well-being and physical appearance and health.” According to Ablow, the study itself represents yet another “attack on masculinity” by congratulating men for engaging in unmanly behavior – like shopping, cleaning, and “taking care of babies”: 

ABLOW: There’s an agenda here. They’re saying 'no, things are better' – the editors go on to say – 'because men are shopping just as much as their wives and they’re taking care of babies just as much and cleaning the house just as much. It shows how sensitive we are.' Guess what, I’ve had it up to here with this attack on masculinity.


ABLOW: Men were sensitive when they were fighting and dying on front lines for their countries. We were sensitive when we were the primary breadwinners for our families because we wanted our kids to eat. That’s called being sensitive. [...]

ABLOW: There’s such a rush to say 'boy, anything masculine, that’s bad.' And talk about a magazine that has the wrong name, Men’s Health. Look, why couldn’t they look at the opposite and say 'listen, during the recession it’s going to be doubly important to get to the gym, make yourself strong, be the head of your household.' What’s wrong with that? [emphasis added]

As usual, Ablow’s analysis is void of any reference to psychiatric or professional research on the issue. Instead, it appears that his comments on the proper roles of men and women are based solely on his own sexist and stereotypical worldview. In April, for example, he warned that abandoning traditional gender roles would result in violence between women, underage sex, men who “primp and preen,” and soldiers who no longer want to fight for their country.

Moreover, Ablow’s understanding of how men and women should behave deeply informs his hostile attitude toward LGBT people. Last April, Ablow attacked a J. Crew ad which depicted a mother painting her son’s toenails pink, calling it an “attack on masculinity.” Later, he asserted that Chaz Bono’s appearance on national television could convince “tomboys” to undergo gender reassignment surgery. And on multiple occasions, Ablow has expressed concern that allowing lesbians to raise boys could cause the boys to identify as a female.

When Dr. Ablow crusades to protect “masculinity” from what he sees as an attack, it’s not just women who suffer – it’s anyone who doesn’t fit into his narrow view of how men and women are supposed to act. 


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