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MSNBC Hosts Hate Group Leader While Condemning Limbaugh's ‘Uncivil' Fluke Comments

March 07, 2012 6:04 pm ET by Carlos Maza

On Wednesday, MSNBC continued its ongoing romance with anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins, inviting him to appear on Martin Bashir to discuss Rush Limbaugh’s inflammatory attacks on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

Bashir -- who said he was “delighted” to have the Family Research Council (FRC) president on his show -- gave Perkins an opportunity to condemn Limbaugh’s comments:

PERKINS: I think we need to engage in civic -- or civil discussion. I don’t think there’s any room in this process for calling people derogatory names. I think what Rush Limbaugh did by calling this young woman, regardless of her political views, regardless of what she was advocating for, calling her derogatory names. I disagree with her position. I think what she said was off base, what she was advocating for was off base, but I think Rush Limbaugh was wrong in calling her what he did. 

Perkins’ call for “civil discussion” is laughable to anyone who’s followed Perkins’ career of anti-gay name-calling and hate speech. He’s accused gay people of being pedophiles and compared them to terrorists. He’s also accused LGBT people of trying to “recruit” children into “perversion,” “destroy your traditional values,” and “work out of the same playbook” as Islamic jihadists.

Despite Perkins’ history of remarkably uncivil discourse, his appearance is just the latest example of MSNBC’s ironic habit of hosting the notorious hate monger in order to condemn others for using hateful rhetoric. 

The appearance also comes less than twenty-four hours after MSNBC refused to air an ad highlighting the network’s uncomfortable relationship with Perkins.


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