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NOM’s Morse Peddles Ridiculous Marriage Equality Horror Stories In New Hampshire

March 21, 2012 6:17 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Earlier this month, the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Jennifer Morse railed against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke and other “advocates of sexual anarchy” for appealing to emotion instead of logic in the debate over contraception coverage. They “have to stay in the realm of the emotional,” she claimed, “because the minute they get into the realm of the logical, they completely lose.”

Apparently, Morse’s insistence on logic doesn’t extend to the same-sex marriage debate, as was evidenced by a speech she gave last week for New Hampshire’s conservative Cornerstone Action.

Near the end of her lecture, Morse gave her audience a “futuristic look” at what the world might look like in thirty years “if we carry on with the redefinition of marriage” and the “expansion of anti-discrimination laws.”  Her story – which has been loosely transcribed here – has to be one of the most ridiculous horror stories peddled by a NOM employee in a good while:

For those who are unwilling to sit through Morse’s nearly nine-minute tale, here’s a sample of what she expects will happen if gay couples continue to be allowed to marry:

  • A lesbian is taken to jail after she kidnaps her daughter in order to deny her former girlfriend the ability to see the child
  • Two straight women marry each other but continue to have children with other men and raise them under the same roof
  • Two soldiers get married while in the military in order to get off-base housing, then one proceeds to sue the other for pension money after they get divorced
  • A straight Latin American man marries another man in the U.S. in order to get a green card, gets a straight woman pregnant, and then forces the American man to pay child support
  • Parents have their children taken from them and put in foster care after they object to the removal of anti-gay books from school

Set aside, for a moment, that most of these scenarios can already happen through heterosexual marriages. The absurdity of Morse’s speech says a lot about NOM’s willingness to use scare tactics in order to motivate voters to oppose marriage equality. As Morse concludes:

MORSE: This is what our future could be, if current trends continue. But this doesn’t have to be our future. Many, many people agree with you and with me that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. They believe in traditional marriage, natural marriage, or maybe I should just say marriage without adjectives. If all of us get off the bench, and onto the playing field, we can prevent this story from coming true. We can preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman for our children and our grandchildren. 

As ridiculous as her speech is, this kind of over-the-top fear mongering is typical of NOM’s anti-equality efforts, especially in New Hampshire. 


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