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NOM’s Morse Plays Dumb Over History Of Extreme Anti-Gay Remarks

March 27, 2012 10:03 am ET by Carlos Maza

Earlier this month, GLAAD launched its Commentator Accountability Project (CAP), an effort aimed at informing news outlets about the anti-LGBT extremism of some of the right wing activists they rely on for commentary. The project has come under intense fire from anti-LGBT conservatives, especially those profiled on CAP’s website.

One such conservative is Jennifer Morse, head of the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Ruth Institute. In a March 24 column for The Blaze, Morse rejected being labeled anti-gay, claiming that she merely disagreed with the “gay lobby” on policy issues:

Out of the hundreds of thousands of words I have spoken or written, GLAAD found a grand total of four quotes as evidence of my supposed “extreme animus towards the entire LGBT community.”  One of these is that I say redefining marriage will marginalize fathers from the family, because fathers will be considered inessential. GLAAD acts as if this were self-evident evidence of anti-gay bias.


Evidently GLAAD believes that raising legitimate questions about the group’s preferred policies automatically makes a person “anti-gay.”  But surely one can disagree with policies advocated by the National Education Association without hating every teacher in America, just as one can surely oppose policies advocated by the NAACP without being a racist.

By focusing on her comment about marginalizing fathers, Morse ignores the three other comments GLAAD chose to highlight: calling homosexuality a “completely shameless activity,” pointing out “parallels” between Nazi Germany and an increasingly gay-friendly America, and refusing to “accept the category of gayness.”

Since Morse’s response was published, GLAAD has updated her profile, adding a litany of additional quotes demonstrating her anti-gay bias.

And for the record, here are a few more of Morse’s anti-gay comments:

NOM’s Ruth Institute, which Morse is the president of, also has a well-documented history of promoting hateful smears about LGBT people. Here’s a sample of the kind of messages the organization has promoted under Morse’s leadership:


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