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NOM Internal Documents Encourage “Raising The Negative On Homosexuality”

March 27, 2012 4:59 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Much attention has been paid to recently released internal documents revealing the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) “strategy for winning the marriage battle.” While most of the focus has been on documents that reveal NOM’s race-based tactics and the group’s failed plan to interview the children of same-sex parents who saw themselves as victims, less attention has been paid to a paragraph found in the "Cultural Strategies" section of the organization’s 2008-09 Board Update:

Raising The Negative On Homosexuality/Interrupting The Race Analogy

Ultimately we aim to raise the costs of identifying with gay marriage, and also raise the attractiveness of identifying with traditional marriage. But we also need to accomplish a sophisticated and cultural objective: interrupt the attempt to equate gay with black, and sexual orientation with race. We need to make traditional sexual morality intellectually respectable again in elite culture. And we need to give liberals an alternative way of thinking about gay rights issues, one that does not lead to the misuse of the power of government to crush dissent in the name of fighting discrimination. [emphasis added]

In the past, NOM has claimed that its “battle is not with an orientation,” but with the movement to legalize same-sex marriage.

Yet, according to its internal documents, it appears that “raising the negative on homosexuality” – not just gay marriage – is a central part of the organization’s strategy. Note that NOM’s goal is to change how liberals view “gay rights issues,” not solely the issue of marriage equality. Making “traditional sexual morality intellectually respectable,” in this case, requires depicting homosexuality in a “negative” way.

The organization’s actions have reflected this strategy. Over the past few months, NOM has depicted homosexuality as a “darkness” that will “end your life prematurely” and cause “physical and mental harms.”  The organization has also frequently linked homosexuality to pedophilia and promotes “ex-gay” therapy.

So while the organization continues to deny being motivated by animus towards gays and lesbians, its actions -- and now its own official internal documents -- tell a very different story.


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