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Fox’s Todd Starnes: Public Schools Are “Indoctrination Centers” For Marriage Equality

May 10, 2012 5:25 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Fox News Radio reporter Todd Starnes has made a name for himself acting as a mouthpiece for anti-gay hate groups, so it’s no surprise that he’s acting as a reliable source of anti-gay commentary in the wake of President Obama’s decision to declare his support for marriage equality.

During the May 10 edition of Live, Starnes criticized the “mainstream media” for mentioning the public’s growing support for marriage equality. When asked about the trend of rising support for same-sex marriage, Starnes responded by blaming public schools for acting as “indoctrination centers” for young voters:

Starnes followed up his comments on Twitter, writing:

On Wednesday, Starnes’ Twitter account was littered with other comments mocking the Obama administration’s support for marriage equality:

Last December, Starnes promised to echo the talking points of a number of anti-gay hate groups, telling “culture war” stories that would “resonate with patriotic, God-fearing, God-loving Americans.” The ‘gay indoctrination’ myth is prominent in anti-gay circles, and a number of anti-gay organizations have used it as a pretense for combating measures that create safe environments for LGBT students in school. As People for the American Way noted in a recent report:

The crux of right-wing opposition to comprehensive bullying prevention programs is that by addressing bullying directed towards gay and gay-perceived students, schools may engage in “homosexual indoctrination.”

Calling public schools pro-gay “indoctrination centers” is pretty typical for an anti-gay ideologue. It isn’t for someone who claims to be a serious journalist.


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