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Bishop Gene Robinson: NOM Is An “Awful” Anti-Gay Group

October 01, 2012 1:17 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson condemned the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) anti-gay politics over the weekend, calling NOM an “awful group.”

During the September 29 edition of Sirius XM’s Media Matters Radio, Robinson discussed NOM’s commitment to defending “traditional marriage,” saying:

ROBINSON: It’s an awful group. And they claim to be fighting for traditional marriage but you don’t have to scratch too very deep to find that it is just an anti-gay group. There is no respect for us as LGBT people and their writings and their funding that they – I mean they’ve got just tons of money and they can go down deep in elections in various states to try to unseat people who voted for marriage equality. There’s really quite a big fight going on in New York right now. The National Organization for Marriage wants to punish those Republicans who joined the majority to pass marriage equality in New York. So it’s hard to find something good there.

Robinson was one of the two pro-equality advocates who participated in a debate held during NOM’s “It Takes A Family” conference in July.

John Corvino, chair of the Department of Philosophy at Wayne State University, was the other pro-equality advocate at the conference. In a statement to Equality Matters last month, Corvino took a similar position to Robinson’s, noting that the conference revealed NOM’s eagerness to demonize LGBT people:

Carlos Maza's "undercover" investigation gives a fascinating -- and at times, very troubling -- perspective on the events leading up to the Skyline "Conversation on Marriage" in which I participated. One thing it reinforces is the difficulty of genuine conversation, when our opponents (and especially, the participants in the conference) are girding themselves for a war against the Devil -- meaning us. In effect, there's a quite literal "demonization" of LGBT folks going on, by the same people who constantly complain of being "demonized" as bigots themselves. For my part, I found the Skyline "Conversation" very challenging. It's was billed to Bishop Robinson and me as a "conversation, not a debate" -- but it was pretty clear, in both our preparations for the event and at the event itself, that [Pastor Jim] Garlow, [NOM’s Ruth Institute President Jennifer] Morse, and especially [Professor Robert] Gagnon were less interested in mutual understanding than they were in going on the attack. Gagnon even concluded the evening with a long rant on bestiality -- this, after I was told earlier by Garlow that my point about Christians' inconsistent attitudes about divorce vis-a-vis homosexuality was off-topic. I do think we need more dialogue between people from different sides on this issue, but I don't think this was the moment. [emphasis added]


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