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Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: Time To Give Up The Fight Against Marriage Equality

November 07, 2012 3:11 pm ET by Equality Matters staff

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin cautioned conservatives against continuing their fight against same-sex marriage in the wake of last night’s victories for marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. In a November 7 column, Rubin argued that continuing to fight against marriage equality is “political flat-earthism”: 

Right Turn has made the point repeatedly that the issue of gay marriage is a generational one, a battle that social conservatives have lost. That was crystal clear yesterday. Maine, Minnesota, Washington and Maryland handled gay marriage the right way in a democracy — proponents went to the voters, made their case and won the support of a majority of their fellow citizens. Minnesota rejected a ban on gay marriage; the other states acted affirmatively to approve it. Conservatives can have no principled opposition to a exercise of democracy that embodies the principles of federalism.


In fairness to Mitt Romney, he never once use gay marriage to stir up his base, evidence of his innate decency and, if one is more politically cynical, the lack of political mileage to be gained from the issue. In the future, Republicans for national office would do well to recognize reality. The American people have changed their minds on the issue and fighting this one is political flat-earthism.


We can argue whether the issue was ever “winnable” for social conservatives. I would argue not, that the inexorable tide of greater inclusion in American politics made the shift in outlook inevitable. It is nevertheless a reminder for conservatives who feel differently that those who shape the culture generally shape politics.


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