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NOM’s Morse Promotes Article Accusing Gay Men Of Living Like “Rutting, Uncontrolled Animals”

January 02, 2013 2:44 pm ET by Carlos Maza

Gay sex is a choice and gay men live like “rutting, uncontrolled animals,” at least according to a column now being promoted by the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Jennifer Morse.

Morse – who is the president of NOM’s Ruth Institute – touted a column published last week by popular anti-gay writer Robert Oscar Lopez titled “Yes, gay is a choice. Get over it":

In his column, Lopez defends Crystal Dixon, a former University of Toledo hiring chief who was fired after penning an op-ed opposing gay rights and promoting “ex-gay” therapy. Lopez argues that the case against Dixon is based “purely on wild assumptions about sex,” asserting that gay people could simply choose to stop engaging in homosexuality, as he did:

While I have tired of penning editorials about gay controversies, the situation is dire.  I feel compelled to write a column once again emphasizing a basic reality: gay sex is a choice.  Nobody lacks the power to refrain from having gay sex.  Get.  Over.  It.


Consider the difference that twenty years make.  Twenty years ago, I had never been with a woman, but I had had relations with quite a few men... Now I am twelve years into a happy and faithful marriage to a woman.  I sinned at different times, but talking things over with people helped me overcome my harmful behavior.  I begged God for forgiveness.  You couldn't pay me to have sex with a man at this point in my life. 


There's no point in obsessing over my sexual ontology, never mind obsessing over other people's.  I have to tend to the garden out back, as Voltaire would say in Candide. We have better things to do with our time -- especially "gay men," who have chosen to go into a dating scene that's small, often incestuous, vulnerable to disease, and sometimes cold


Crystal Dixon pointed out something that no amount of peer-reviewed research can disprove.  Gay is not the new black.  "Gay" is about sex and genitalia.  People we call "gay" make choices about what they do with their genitals; blacks do not make choices about the color of their skin.  Period.  If one is going to fire Crystal Dixon for harming gay men by reminding all of us that no penis is beyond the executive decisions of its owner, then one might as well fire all the humanities professors in the United States (starting with me), because it seems that millennia of human civilization do not count, and the most advanced nation in the world now expects men to live like rutting, uncontrolled animals. [emphasis added]

Lopez also described his time working in a “Manhattan sex club,” claiming that he learned many men engage in gay sex because it’s cheaper than getting a prostitute, they’re addicted to drugs and anonymous sex, or because they were raped as boys.

This isn’t the first time NOM has relied on Lopez to peddle damaging attacks on LGBT people. He is most famous for writing negatively about his own experience being raised by a same-sex couple, which appeared on the NOM website.

NOM’s Morse has a history of trivializing homosexuality or asserting that a person’s sexual orientation can be changed at will. In October, she warned that marriage equality might cause people who aren’t sure if they’re gay or not to get married. She also claims to know people who have changed their sexual orientation from gay to straight, and prefers to call gay people “same-sex attracted” because she believes they can control their behavior.


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