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NOM President Promotes Article Calling Homosexuality Dangerous, Unhealthy

January 07, 2013 1:48 pm ET by Carlos Maza

National Organization for Marriage (NOM) President Brian Brown appears to be worried that LGBT equality might limit his freedom to talk about the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle.

On his Twitter account, Brown touted a January 2 article in Crisis Magazine titled “How Same-Sex Marriage Suffocates Freedom”:

The article, written by conservative family author Bryce J. Christensen, warns that gay activists are intent on destroying religious liberty and shutting down discussions about the “psychological and physical” harms of homosexuality:

Make no mistake: homosexual activists do, in fact, know that advancing their agenda means reducing the liberty of Americans. They hide that reality behind rhetoric of freedom, just as they hide their exclusion of religious Americans from the public square behind rhetoric of inclusion, and their extirpation of every deviation from the approved attitude toward homosexuality behind the rhetoric of diversity. But at bottom, these activists know that they are denying their fellow Americans a sizable measure of freedom.


[Americans] may also wonder about the authenticity of an intellectual freedom that does not allow full and frank discussion of research limning a troubling pattern of co-morbidity linking homosexuality to a wide array of both psychological and physical illnesses. Nor would a genuine intellectual freedom prohibit candid public discussion of the remarkable promiscuity that researchers have documented within the homosexual population.


Americans with a mature religious faith will understand the need to avoid hateful or spiteful references toward homosexuals. They will indeed recognize that their witness for truth will be most effective when it is expressed with empathy and compassion, including especially a merciful compassion for those who are suffering from AIDS or other diseases often found among homosexuals. But devout Americans can express genuine love for homosexuals without accepting or endorsing their sexual behavior. An authentic faith indeed requires both firm opposition to homosexual acts and unfailing love for those who commit such acts. [emphasis added]

Christensen explains that many “intelligent and gifted” individuals throughout history have condemned homosexuality, concluding that “the freedom that matters most” is “the freedom to affirm a religiously grounded sexual morality.”

In other words, the most important freedom is the freedom to condemn homosexuality and, by extension, gay people.

This is a more expansive definition of religious liberty than NOM typically entertains, but it’s not entirely out of character for a group that believes “religious freedom” includes the right to “cure” gay minors, fire gay employees, bully gay students, and refuse service to gay customers.


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