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CNN Hosts FRC’s Peter Sprigg To Discuss Anti-Gay Pastor’s Withdrawal From Obama Inauguration

January 11, 2013 12:04 pm ET by Carlos Maza

CNN invited Family Research Council (FRC) Senior Fellow Peter Sprigg – who has previously advocated the criminalization of homosexuality and deportation of gay people from the United States – to condemn the recent withdrawal of an anti-gay pastor from President Obama’s second inauguration. 

During the January 11 edition of CNN Newsroom, host Carol Costello invited Sprigg and Truth Wins Out director Wayne Besen to discuss Georgia pastor Louie Giglio’s decision to withdraw from performing the benediction at Obama’s inauguration.

Giglio announced his withdrawal after ThinkProgress revealed that he had given a “vehemently anti-gay” sermon in the mid-1990s during which he condemned the “homosexual lifestyle,” claimed gay people would go to hell, and claimed that gay people could become straight through the power of Christ.

Sprigg, whose organization has been labeled an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for spreading known falsehoods about LGBT people, attempted to downplay Giglio’s comments, accusing gay activists of pursuing “intolerance in the name of tolerance”:

SPRIGG: The world we live in, unfortunately, is increasingly marked by the enforcement of intolerance in the name of tolerance, exclusion in the name of inclusion, and forced uniformity in the name of diversity. It’s contradictory, it’s downright Orwellian, and yet people actually make these statements, unbelievably, with a straight face.

Besen responded by pointing out that Sprigg has previously called for the criminalization for homosexuality and advocated for exporting gay people from the United States, a point that Costello confirmed:

BESEN: Peter, I find it ironic that you’re embracing diversity. I mean you called for the imprisonment of gay people and said we should export homosexuals out of the United States and suddenly you’re for tolerance? I’m a little confused here.

SPRIGG: [laughing] Well this is about Pastor Giglio and President Obama, it’s not about me.

BESEN: No, I just find it ironic that you’re a spokesperson for tolerance.

COSTELLO: But Wayne is right, Peter. Wayne is right about that, Peter.

Sprigg’s history of inflammatory anti-gay rhetoric goes even further, endorsing “ex-gay” therapy and claiming that gay people are mentally ill. According to a recent SPLC report:

Sprigg authored a 2010 brochure touting “The Top Ten Myths about Homosexuality.” In the brochure, Sprigg claimed that ex-gay therapy works, that sexual orientation can change, that gay people are mentally ill simply because homosexuality makes them that way, and that, “Sexual abuse of boys by adult men is many times more common than consensual sex between adult men, and most of those engaging in such molestation identify themselves as homosexual or bisexual.” He also claimed that “homosexuals are less likely to enter into a committed relationship” and “less likely to be sexually faithful to a partner.” Sprigg’s sources are a mixture of junk science issued by groups that support ex-gay therapy and legitimate science quoted out of context or cherry-picked, a tactic long used by anti-gay groups to bolster their claims about gay people. [emphasis added]

It’s not surprising, then, that Sprigg falsely claimed that the majority of Americans find homosexuality to be immoral. Pastor Giglio’s anti-gay remarks may seem tame to someone like Sprigg, but they’re far out of line with the American public’s growing acceptance of LGBT equality.


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