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NOM’s Anti-Defamation Spokesman Promotes Column Claiming “Communist-Homosexualists” Have Infiltrated The Catholic Church

January 23, 2013 5:12 pm ET by Carlos Maza

The spokesman for the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) anti-defamation program is touting a column that accuses “Communist-homosexualist infiltrators” and “lesbian pagan witch nuns” of trying to change the traditions of the Catholic Church.

Damian Goddard – spokesman for NOM’s failed Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance – took to Twitter on January 22 to promote a series of articles written by Ann Barnhardt, a birther and right-wing conspiracy theorist who gained notoriety through her over-the-top YouTube videos:

Barnhardt’s three-part diatribe, “Why Priests Must Be Men,” is a scathing critique of the Catholic Church’s alleged deviation from its traditional rites, such as the practice of having a priest resting his elbows on the altar during consecration. Throughout her writing, Barnhardt repeatedly blames “Communist-homosexualist infiltrators” for altering the church’s practices:

I was planning for this to be the last essay I ever wrote, and since we're into "any day now" territory, and since I've had just about enough of these lesbian pagan witch nuns and their "female ordination" horse diarrhea, I'm dropping the bomb. And yes, it's a bomb. I've delayed on writing this particular essay because it is really, really hardcore. Very, very advanced stuff. […]

The rubric of the elbows-down posture was intentionally stripped from the Mass by the Communist-homosexualist infiltrators in the 1960's because they hated Our Lord, His Church, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, His Real Presence in the Eucharist, and specifically because of the connection to the marital act. The infiltrators had as a goal the total destruction of sexual morality, because that is the fastest and surest way to demoralize and then destroy a culture. The Communist-homosexualist infiltrators of the Church wanted to convince everyone that sex was no big deal, and if sex is no big deal, then it really can't be connected to the concept of "sin" , and thus DO WHAT YOU WANT! Contracept! Sleep around! Be a sodomite! Abuse yourself! Hey, it's not like what you do in private behind closed doors actually matters, right? Wrong. Our entire civilization is going to crash and burn first and foremost because of what people have done "in private behind closed doors" , namely making a complete mockery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


If you try to explain this to Father Jazzhands, good luck. You will get a very odd look, and then be dismissed. He doesn't want to hear anything about this, because it messes with his narcissistic Communist-homosexualist neo-pagan worldview. Same with the Superfun Rockband Church™ denizens and their for-profit macchiato-sipping insipidity. And the lesbian pagan witch nuns? Those sick broads are so far gone, they aren't even in the same galactic cluster. The vast majority of them self-excommunicated themselves decades and decades ago. I just wish that Rome would make it official.

For a NOM anti-defamation spokesperson, Goddard seems to have no problem promoting Barnhardt’s gratuitous name-calling of LGBT people, including LGBT people of faith. Then again, Goddard himself hasn’t shied away from defaming those he disagrees with, including President Obama, whom he has previously called a “terrorist.”


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